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v. re·tal·i·at·ed, re·tal·i·at·ing, re·tal·i·ates
To do something in response to an action done to oneself or an associate, especially to attack or injure someone as a response to a hurtful action.
To pay back (an injury) in kind.

[Late Latin retāliāre, retāliāt- : Latin re-, re- + Latin tāliō, punishment in kind; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]

re·tal′i·a′tion n.
re·tal′i·a′tive, re·tal′i·a·to′ry (-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
re·tal′i·a′tor n.
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Noun1.retaliator - someone who takes vengeanceretaliator - someone who takes vengeance    
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
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This debriefing should encourage the potential retaliator not to act out of anger or personal feelings when carrying out managerial duties against the employee who engaged in protected activity.
Hence we shall not allow any government to cover an armed group inside Lebanon that has turned from a border defender to a retaliator, and its weapons turned to a political tool on the inside," he said.
spark mi P "The referee spends more time speaking to the retaliator than he does to the person who could have severely injured someone," blasted McDermott.
Yet there are many everyday common words with this pattern--for example, ALTERNATOR, RETALIATOR, SENATORIAL, TRANSLATES, UNILATERAL.
If somebody starts something, more often than not it's the retaliator who gets stuck and gets punished.
A pounds 14,000 purchase by Highflyer Bloodstock at last year's DBS Premier yearling sale, Queens Revenge is out of the winning Rudimentary mare Retaliator and is a half-sister to four winners, including smart hurdler Kings Revenge.
The act of renaming is the first step in epistemic retaliation, since it transforms the reality of the retaliator and shapes it in a way that legitimises his struggle.
(110) See Artists Against 419, supra note 73 at "Refi Retaliator II--Fake Bank Form Filler".
241, 253 (2003) (noting that in Maki and Green, the same court that dismissed charges against one player also found his opponent's actions to be instinctive and thus not inculpatory; thus, both the instigator and the retaliator were acquitted, even though the retaliator's blow was life-threatening).
(5): Don't overreact against the alleged retaliator or the employee who claims retaliation.
If a nation that is a victim of international terrorism carries out retaliatory measures in the nation where the terrorists are based the retaliator will derive benefits and other nations that are potential victims will derive benefits from the unilateral action of the retaliating nation because the threat to all nations will be attenuated.
If convicted, the intentional retaliator is subject to a fine and/or imprisonment for up to ten years.