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Acting or tending to retard. Often used in combination: flame-retardant pajamas for children; a fire-retardant security chest.
A substance that retards a process, as a flame retardant.


(Chemistry) a substance that reduces the rate of a chemical reaction
having a slowing effect


(rɪˈtɑr dnt)

1. any substance capable of reducing the speed of a chemical reaction.
2. retarding or tending to retard (usu. used in combination): fire-retardant material.
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Noun1.retardant - any agent that retards or delays or hinders; "flame-retardant"
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"


n (Chem) → Verzögerungsmittel nt
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To solve this problem, some flame retardants were added into HDPE/EVA blends to improve the flame retardancy of materials [8-10].
Alexium International Group Limited (Alexium) is pleased to announce that based on the fire retardancy (FR) performance, environmental friendly formulation and value proposition of our Alexiflam chemistry, our major bedding client has expanded the use of our Alexiflam treatments to a second US national bedding brand under its corporate umbrella.
Price and affordability The price depends very much on the fabric chosen, all fabrics are high spec with flame retardancy, water resistancy, mould & rot resistancy and UV proof protecting your fabric from the sun's rays.
This overview discusses the rationale for flame retardancy in textiles, especially in applications such as children's nightwear and commercial passenger vehicles, and how--unlike other desirable fabric properties like water repellency--flame retardant properties are generally governed by legislation or regulation.
However, these materials have poor scratch resistance compared to polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) materials, though PMMA materials do not have adequate impact resistance and flame retardancy.
Irogran A 95 P 5003 TPU is a halogen-free TPU with excellent flame retardancy for industrial and consumer wire and cable applications.
Masterbatch manufacturer, Gabriel-Chemie, has announced that tests completed at the beginning of 2013 revealed its Maxithen PPSEAT range achieved the best possible rating for flame retardancy in accordance with the Italian standard UNI 9177:1987, meaning it can now be used for stadium seating in Italy.
5 mil (25 and 36 micron) printable facefilms meet the demanding UL 94VTM-0 flame retardancy rating, helping prevent the propagation of fire.
Clariant has developed two new non-halogenated FRs in Hiirth-Knapsack under the name Exolit EP specifically for the flame retardancy of epoxy resins.
retardancy, breathability, textile-like characteristics and sustainable material design in one product, is increasing," says Andre Lang, managing director of Norafin.
In some embodiments, the invention relates to a composite resin molded article having excellent flame retardancy, electric insulation properties, and crack resistance, and produces only negligible amounts of toxic substances during incineration, if any at all.
The requirements for fire retardants for wood have expanded from an initial focus on fire retardancy to encompass other factors such as smoke inhibition, environmental impact, additional performance (such as preservative, antitermite, etc.