Retention cyst

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(Med.) a cyst produced by obstruction of a duct leading from a secreting organ and the consequent retention of the natural secretions.

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Retention cyst and polyp: As retention cysts and polyps cannot be exactly differentiated on MRI, they were joined in the same group.
Parotid duct cyst are mostly true cyst, it is also called retention cyst. There are two types of salivary gland cyst -the extravasation cyst (Without epithelial lining) and the retention cyst (With epithelial lining).
At this point, the possibility of cervical carcinoma versus benign cervical lesion (mucus retention cyst, ectropion, benign polyp, endometriosis, cervicitis, etc.) was considered.
Combined retention cyst or pseudocyst may delay the diagnosis of PDA, because a small poorly enhancing solid tumor can be masked by the large cystic lesion.
Although these findings raised the possibility of IPMN or a retention cyst, the lack of characteristic papillary architecture and evidence of ductal obstruction made IPMN and retention cyst less likely.
BS, FS, P--polyp, S--sinusitis, mucous retention cyst; in comparison to X-ray water view, CT have relatively high sensitivity and high specificity for identifying pathological condition.
Ranula or sublingual sialocele is retention cyst arising from occlusion of sublingual salivary duct or gland.
Mucus retention cyst is formed markedly by obstruction of salivary ductal walls causing dilatation of ducts without spillage of mucin [5, 6].
(b) Histologically the lesion shows multiple ductal ectasias resembling a mucous retention cyst. The presence of microliths/spheroliths histologically has been reported by Seifert et al.
The differential diagnosis of cystic swelling in the upper part of the neck should include TDC, branchial cyst, submandibular salivary gland duct cyst, cystic hygroma, saccular cyst, mucous retention cyst, laryngocele and jugular vein phlebectasia, and pharyngocele.
Mucosal hyperplasia, retention cyst, mucinous cyst adenoma, and mucinous cyst adenocarcinoma of the appendix are four different types of appendicular mucocele2.
(36) The lateral sphenoid cephalocele can be further divided into type 1 (which herniates into a pneumatized lateral recess, may simulate a retention cyst on CT, and may present with CSF leak and headache) and type 2 (which herniates into or through the greater wing of the sphenoid bone and may present with seizure or headache).