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a. The quality or state of being retentive.
b. Capacity or power of retaining.
2. Physics The capacity for a body to remain magnetized after the magnetizing field has ceased to exert an effect.


1. the state or quality of being retentive
2. (General Physics) physics another name for remanence


(ˌri tɛnˈtɪv ɪ ti)

1. the power to retain.
2. the ability to retain magnetization after the removal of the magnetizing force.
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Noun1.retentivity - the power of retaining and recalling past experience; "he had a good memory when he was younger"
faculty, mental faculty, module - one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
recollection, remembrance, anamnesis - the ability to recall past occurrences
2.retentivity - the property of retaining possessions that have been acquired
acquisitiveness - strong desire to acquire and possess
3.retentivity - the power of retaining liquid; "moisture retentivity of soil"
impermeability, impermeableness - the property of something that cannot be pervaded by a liquid
urinary retention - holding urine in the urinary bladder; "he has a problem with urinary retention"
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The uneven distribution of rains with common dry spells in winter season, occurrence of sub optimal soil temperature and poor retentivity of hill soils for water and nutrients are the major constraints in increasing crop yield.
The values of saturation magnetization ([M.sub.s]), retentivity (Mr), coercivity (Hc) and squareness ratio S =([M.sub.r]/[M.sub.s]) are presented in Table 4.
In addition, the flow characteristics, compressive strength, pH, roughness, and moisture retentivity were measured.
The coercivity and the magnetic retentivity otherwise called as remanence show decrement with increase in manganese dopant on cobalt ferrite nanoparticles.
Changes in magnetization, retentivity and coercivity between samples are insignificant.
This mud has similar properties to water [19] and matures over time improving their properties of granulometry, specific heat, caloric retentivity, inertia time, relaxation time, hardness, adhesiveness, cohesion, and springiness [20, 21].
The saturation magnetization ([M.sub.s]), retentivity, and coercivity were also found to be increased with increase in dopant levels.
Hutson JL, Cass A (1987) A retentivity function for use in soil-water simulation models.
The good fit between the model and analysed ages confirms the relatively high retentivity of Pb in rutile suggested by experimental data (Cherniak 2000).