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n. reticulocitopenia, reticulosis, disminución anormal del número de reticulocitos en la sangre.
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Diagnostic criteria for DBA from the 2008 International Clinical Care Consensus Document are: age less than one year, macrocytic anemia with no other cytopenias, reticulocytopenia, normal bone marrow cellularity with a decrease in red cell precursors, and normal platelet and neutrophil counts." (2) Treatment options for those suffering from DBA initially start with corticosteroid treatment.
TRCA is defined as: 1) decrease in hemoglobin [greater than or equal to] 20% from baseline; 2) reticulocytopenia (absolute reticulocyte count < 50 000/uL) or reticulocyte count, which is disproportionately low with respect to the hemoglobin level.
Reticulocytopenia has been reported in 39% of pediatric patients with AIHA (5).
Given the aforementioned evidence that anti-Kell induces a profound reticulocytopenia, its role in this clinical scenario is difficult to elucidate since his reticulocyte count was 10.8%.
Otherwise, Harrison [55] has shown that administration of vincristine in mice causes weight loss, elevated plasma alkaline phosphatase, ALT, and AST activities, and granulocytopenia and reticulocytopenia. It is clear from our investigation that platelets, WBC, AST, ALT, ALP, and creatinine levels have increased significantly, while RBC, Hb, and hematocrit have significantly decreased in nontreated group.
The FBC shows a pancytopenia of varying degrees (depending on the severity), reticulocytopenia with a low RPI, and reversal of the normal neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio.
(8) Interestingly, our patient exhibited similar reticulocytopenia when compared to patients with TTP (Table 2).
Artesunate and artelinic acid: association of embryotoxicity, reticulocytopenia, and delayed stimulation of hematopoiesis in pregnant rats.
Side effects of artesunate frequently include gastrointestinal disturbances, neutropenia (1.3%), reticulocytopenia (0.6%), and elevated liver enzymes (1.1%) (32-34).
In the context of SCD, as in other haemolytic states, aplastic crisis refers to pure red cell aplasia, where there is selective erythroid hypoplasia or aplasia with resultant reticulocytopenia. The most common cause is infection with parvovirus type B19, which infects early erythroid precursors through the glycophorin receptor.
Regarding the laboratory findings, it is striking the relative reticulocytopenia in the presence of severe and rapidly progressive anaemia.
DAT and no indirect signs of hemolysis, and further confirmed whenever possible by a significant marrow infiltration as defined by either a diffuse bone marrow histological pattern or, when this was not available, by bone marrow aspirate (more than 80% lymphocytes) or reticulocytopenia (less than 1%).