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 (rē′tə-fôrm′, rĕt′ə-)
Arranged like a net; reticulate.

[Latin rēte, net + -form.]


(ˈriːtɪˌfɔːm; ˈrɛt-)
rare netlike; reticulate
[C17: from Latin rēte net + forma shape]
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In addition, cryoglobulinemia can induce a thrombotic vasculopathy, and the first clinical lesion is usually a stellar or retiform purpura, which evolves into necrosis.
(54) Morphologically, mesonephric carcinoma is characterized by heterogeneous architecture, with various patterns of growth that include glandular/tubular, papillary, retiform, sex cord-like, solid, and spindled/sarcomatoid (Figure 6, A and B).
Histological analysis, Figures 3 and 4, indicated a predominantly poorly differentiated Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour, retiform pattern, with heterologous mucinous elements.
Here, we report a case of a Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor with both heterologous and retiform elements in which only heterologous components were sampled during intraoperative consultation.
The patient was given a diagnosis of levamisole-induced cutaneous vasculopathy based on her history of cocaine use; the typical, painful palpable purpura with angulated borders and a necrotic center (retiform purpura); and positive immunologic markers.
More recently, heterologous and retiform differentiation has been described.
There are five histological subtypes of SLCT as follows: well differentiated, intermediate differentiation, poorly differentiated, retiform, and heterologous or mixed [3-5].
Cocaine-related retiform purpura: evidence to incriminate the adulterant, levamisole.
Histopatolojik ayirici tanisinda, yama evresi Kaposi sarkomu, retiform hemanjiyoendoteliyoma ve papiller intralenfatik anjioendoteliyoma (Dabska tumoru) akia gefmelidir (12).
The pituitary gland and its stalk attached to the 3rd ventricle floor were described; like Herophilus, he wrongly placed a retiform plexus at the base of the human brain.
Its appearance was that of an accumulation of particles resembling white sand surrounded by a network of thin bones (retiform bony trabeculae).
One patient presented with petechiae, one with simple ecchymoses, and one with noninflammatory retiform purpura.