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 (rē′tə-fôrm′, rĕt′ə-)
Arranged like a net; reticulate.

[Latin rēte, net + -form.]


(ˈriːtɪˌfɔːm; ˈrɛt-)
rare netlike; reticulate
[C17: from Latin rēte net + forma shape]
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Numerous architectural patterns of growth were described, including tubular, ductal, papillary, retiform, sex cord-like, solid, and sarcomatoid, and these patterns may be seen in various proportions within the same tumor (Figure 13).
That said, it's important to suspect the condition in cocaine users who present with retiform purpura.
More recently, heterologous and retiform differentiation has been described.
Cocaine-related retiform purpura: evidence to incriminate the adulterant, levamisole.
Histopatolojik ayirici tanisinda, yama evresi Kaposi sarkomu, retiform hemanjiyoendoteliyoma ve papiller intralenfatik anjioendoteliyoma (Dabska tumoru) akia gefmelidir (12).
The pituitary gland and its stalk attached to the 3rd ventricle floor were described; like Herophilus, he wrongly placed a retiform plexus at the base of the human brain.
One patient presented with petechiae, one with simple ecchymoses, and one with noninflammatory retiform purpura.
One study6 observed it in 5 different morphologies: ductal, tubular, solid, retiform and sex-cord like pattern.
68, 69) Many cases have been reported of agranulocytosis with retiform purpura among cocaine users.
Inflammatory hemorrhage, including vasculitis, most typically presents as palpable, partially blanchable purpura that are either round or retiform (branching, stellate) in morphology.
12) Patients typically present with a tender, purpuric rash in a retiform or stellate pattern with or without central necrosis involving the extremities, trunk, nasal tip, digits, cheeks, and/or ears (Figure 1).