retinoic acid

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ret·i·no·ic acid

1. A vitamin A derivative, C20H28O2, that serves as a regulator of morphogenesis and functions in the growth and development of bone and the maintenance of epithelium.
2. Either of two isomers of this compound, tretinoin or isotretinoin, that are used as drugs chiefly to treat acne. In both senses also called vitamin A acid.

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retinoic acid

n ácido retinoico
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The FDA says Hydroquinone and/or Tretinoin (Retinoic Acid) shall be classified as a home remedy, over-the-counter, or prescription drug depending on the amount present as per Administrative Order No.
Researchers tested to see if existing drug arsenic trioxide (ATO) was effective in combination with all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) in both the mouse model and in humans.
The licensing agreement stems from results reported by UMB relating to the effect retinoic acid metabolism blocking agents (RAMBAs) offer in treating cancer and dermatology related issues
Through the deal, Ipsen will acquire Clementia's key late-stage clinical asset, palovarotene, which is an investigational retinoic acid receptor gamma (RARy) selective agonist.
"I began to discover these combinations by noting that the elderly and people with Alzheimer's disease are experiencing a shortage in a chemical called "retinoic acid" and dysfunction in its work and production in the body," Khatib told WAFA.
Whether these four phospholipids would affect embryonic development, oocyte and egg high apoptosis gene expression, ability of oocytes, and oocyte development and maturation as LPA is not known and requires further research.20 Further, 4-Oxo-retinoic acid (4-oxo-RA) is an active geometric isomer of retinoic acid (RA).
All trans retinoic acid (ATRA) is the mainstay of treatment of APL with a cure rate of >80%7.
Trifarotene cream 50 mcg/g selectively targets the gamma retinoic acid receptor.
Impairment was not tied to common treatment exposures (vincristine, cisplatin, and retinoic acid).
It has been reported that systemic retinoic acid (0.5-1 mg/kg/day) treatment provides a dramatic benefit in severe forms of ichthyosis including colloidon baby and congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma (1, 2).
Retinoic acid (RA), which exists in both cis and trans isomeric forms, is the most biologically active metabolite of vitamin A and is also essential for normal development (Abu-Abed et al., 2002).

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