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Noun1.retired person - someone who has retired from active workingretired person - someone who has retired from active working
nonworker - a person who does nothing
emeritus - a professor or minister who is retired from assigned duties
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At the same time, the country's population is aging, with the ratio of working people to retired people expected to go from 3.9 people for every one retired person to 2.7 people for every one retired person by 2050.
The charity says the role, lasting around 12 weeks, would suit a home worker, a part-time worker or a retired person. A spokeswoman said: "Most days, the dogs in training will go to work.
As a retired person I do not need or want this kind of nuisance.
The survey of 2,500 pensioners found two in five people preferred the term "senior citizen" to elderly or OAP, while "retired person", "silver surfer" and "grey panther" were also favoured.
DESPITE the view many pensioners have escaped the worst of the downturn, retirement income specialist MGM Advantage claims the average retired person has pounds 8,180 of personal debt, a staggering pounds 96.41 billion in total.
The Social Security Act (SSA) permits a retired person to engage in some work activity without losing retirement benefits; see 42 USC Section 403(b) and (f).
Only this time around, the protesters were seniors torching their American Association of Retired Person (AARP) cards.
This is Tory chairman Theresa May attempting a down-to-earth reaction to Michael Heseltine's plea to replace Iain Duncan Smith with Ken Clarke: "I think he should take up golf like every other retired person."
Alternatively, it could be an ideal opportunity for a young mother, someone returning to work or a recently retired person who could run the coffee shop to raise money for the museum collections, says the trust.
Every region of the country listed "senior citizen" as the most popular term, except pensioners in the southwest of England and Yorkshire who preferred to be addressed as "a retired person", the survey found.
Look around your local community for a respected retired person who would like to augment his retirement income in an environment that is healthy and close to his home.

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