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or re·tor·tion  (rĭ-tôr′shən)
An act perpetrated by one nation upon another in retaliation or reprisal for a similar act perpetrated by the other nation.

[Probably French rétorsion, from Latin retortus (influenced by Late Latin torsiō, a twisting, wringing), past participle of retorquēre, to cast back; see retort1.]


1. the act of retorting
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a variant spelling of retorsion
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Ali Shamkhani, secretary general of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, said in a press statement that Hezbollah's attack on the Israeli army was a retortion. Shamkhani said Hezbollah's policy was based on defending Lebanon's interests.
Netrin-1 also exhibited an improvement of MI in a diabetic animal model and abolishes I/R-induced cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction via NO-dependent attenuation of NADPH oxidase action and retortion of NOS.
(69) For this reason one of the basic tools in Lonergan's argument is retortion, pointing out the performative contradiction between affirming positions contrary to intellectual conversion and the act of affirming them.