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v. re·touched, re·touch·ing, re·touch·es
1. To add new details or touches to for correction or improvement.
2. To improve or change (a photographic negative or print), as by adding details or removing flaws.
3. To color (recent growth of hair) to match hair that was tinted, dyed, or bleached at an earlier date.
4. Archaeology To modify (a flaked stone tool) by secondary flaking along the cutting edge.
To give or make retouches.
n. (rē′tŭch′, rē-tŭch′)
The act, process, or an instance of retouching.

re·touch′er n.
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La gamme entiere etant equipee de processeurs plus puissants, les clients beneficieront de performances nettement accrues dans toutes leurs taches quotidiennes, qu'il s'agisse de retoucher des photos, de jouer aux jeux les plus exigeants, de composer de la musique ou encore de monter des films.
Creative retoucher ( Terry Obiora explained that nothing is wrong with a "subtle" retouch because everyone is now using a filter.
The Syoss range of shampoos, conditioners styling products, looks and feels like a salon brand, but it is on the shelves at Tesco and the most expensive buy in the range - the Root Retoucher - is just PS7.
Mark Leibowitz, photographer and director; Domenica Peterson, creative director; Keon Javanshir, cinematographer; Spencer Amonwatvorakul, digital capture; Christine Hilherg, retoucher.
Some see these automatic tools as just that: tools that will make many a retoucher's job easier; others have expressed concerns that automation will, as in many other industries, take away those jobs entirely (
Istvan Friedman took a new name, Steven Faludi, and found work as a fashion-photo retoucher (this was the age before Photoshop).
Vargas used the intervening years to establish an art career, working initially as a photo retoucher and, in 1917, doing his first magazine illustrations.
Project: Gigapixelimage Client: Bentley Agency: Keko London Photographer: Simon Stock Retoucher: Tony Swinney, Mustard Post Film: VML London, Hogarth Worldwide
Christie practiced early photography skills while working as a retoucher for Pontiac photographers John H.
Nos artistes travaillent beaucoup, et ont passe des heures a retoucher et a revoir leurs œuvres.