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Third person singular present tense of retry.
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If a random value generated by this terminal is larger than the predetermined threshold, it keeps "silent" and retries this packet in the next window.
It can also locate and decode codes that are overexposed or underexposed, without requiring multiple retries. The readers are exceptionally small, with an industrial-rated housing measuring just 23 by 42 by 64 millimeters.
Since the ZigBee (or rather IEEE 802.15.4) specification allows the use of multiple repetitions (retries) of the same message in case of reception failure, the effectiveness of this methods has been tested providing both quantitative and qualitative results along with recommendations for a smart application of this technique in order to avoid some consequences impairing the system performance if the retries are set to excessive values.
According to Echovox, SRE will improve the delivery rate of premium SMS when it intelligently retries sending messages that experience delivery failure on the first try.
If the fault persists, the FET drive is latched off after seven consecutive retries, indefinitely disabling the load current.