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a. retroauricular, rel. a o situado detrás de la oreja o aurícula.
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In 1 patient, the infection spread and caused culture-proven cervical lymphadenitis, a retroauricular abscess, fistula, and facial nerve palsy.
Consequently, Luc suggests that in the absence of findings of mastoiditis such as retroauricular swelling and persistent otorrhea, there is no need for these patients to undergo mastoidectomy, which is a risky and dangerous surgical intervention.
Then, their acoustic vesicles were exposed through a sterile retroauricular incision, and a 0.15 mm x 0.15 mm hole was drilled into each acoustic vesicle, through which was injected 0.1 ml of edaravone solution or SLNs into the middle ear.
Em estudo cientifico publicado recentemente 8 analisou-se o numero e o tipo de falhas tecnicas apresentadas pelos componentes externos do IC na populacao pediatrica, de acordo com o tipo de processador (tipo caixa ou retroauricular), apos quatro a cinco anos de uso do dispositivo.
Their location is variable, extending from the retroauricular and parotid region, cervically from the area below the mandible and above the hyoid (5).
Trunk was the commonest site of involvement seen in 100% patients, followed by retroauricular region in 93.3%, forehead in 83.3% and inguinal region in 70% patients.
Following exposure of the EAC via a retroauricular approach, the inferior wall of the EAC was found to be destroyed by the cholesteatoma.
Painful retroauricular and cervical lymphadenopathies were noted.
Painful edema of the soft tissues of the outer ear canal was observed; the retroauricular skin was hyperemic.