retrobulbar neuritis

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Noun1.retrobulbar neuritis - inflammation of the optic nerve behind the eye; common in multiple sclerosis
neuritis - inflammation of a nerve accompanied by pain and sometimes loss of function
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(4,12) In addition, the literature includes reports of a patient under systemic steroid therapy for "retrobulbar neuritis" developing multiple areas of serous retinal detachment in both eyes and a patient misdiagnosed with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease and treated with corticosteroids who actually had atypical bullous CSCR.
As for the manifestations not including the joints, changes in the eyes are the most frequent: conjunctivitis (35%), iritis (5%), acute anterior uveitis, corneal ulcers, episcleritis and retrobulbar neuritis. Cardiovascular changes are rare and if present, they present as conduction disorders or as asymptomatic myocarditis [9].
Even before the headache appeared, she has presented with visual impairment of the right eye and right lateral rectus palsy and was treated as retrobulbar neuritis with good response to methylprednisolone.