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a. retrocecal, rel. a o situado detrás del ciego.
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The surgery was initiated by laparoscopy but converted to open surgery because of retrocecal localization of appendix and difficulty experienced during dissection.
In that one patient, the appendiceal tip was left behind at the retrocecal joint away from the staple line, probably after the laparoscopic right hemilectomy performed due to a malignant polyp.
The variation in the situations is classified into six locations: retrocecal, pelvic, subcecal, paraileal, retroileal and subhepatic.
If the appendix was not a complicated one like perforated, Retrocecal or having adhesions; the appendix was grasped through this port by the help of a Babcock (endoscopic) or atraumatic grasper at the tip, pneumoperitoneum was deflated and the appendix was taken out of the abdomen.
There are four pericecal recesses that have the potential to become hernia orifices: inferior ileocecal, superior ileocecal, paracolic, and retrocecal, with retrocecal being the most common location of herniation.
Lee et al., "Right perinephric abscess: a rare presentation of ruptured retrocecal appendicitis," Pediatric Nephrology, vol.
(9,) (10) The distal appendix is often free-moving within the peritoneal cavity and presents in different orientations, with the pelvic, retrocecal, and post-ileal positions accounting for over 90% of cases.
Other differentials include peptic ulcer disease, colitis, retrocecal appendicitis, pancreatitis, or even cholecystitis [19].
El cirujano Britanico Cecil Wakeley en 1933 publico una serie de casos con 10'000 apendices postmortem, en la que reporto los distintos porcentajes de localizacion del apendice, siendo la ubicacion retrocecal la mas frecuente en un 65,28%, seguida de pelvica en un 31,02%, subcecal en un 2,26% preileal en un 1% y la menos frecuente la postileal en un 0,4% [5].
In addition, a 9-mm hyper echogenic region was found on the medial intestine wall, suggestive of appendicolitis, and the right paracolic fossa contained free fluid, suggestive of retrocecal acute appendicitis (Figure 2).
The differential diagnosis included retrocecal appendicitis and EA.