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v. ret·ro·ced·ed, ret·ro·ced·ing, ret·ro·cedes
To go back; recede.
To cede or give back (a territory, for example); return.

[Latin retrōcēdere : retrō-, retro- + cēdere, to go; see ked- in Indo-European roots.]

ret′ro·ces′sion (-sĕsh′ən) n.


n. retrocesión 1. retrocediendo, retraso; 2. desplazamiento de un órgano hacia atrás, tal como el útero.
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This contract includes the following missions: Mission 1: Contractor for the execution of public spaces in the ZAC, namely: - AVP - PRO - ACT (including DCE) - VISA - DET - AOR (including DOE) - retrocession of works in the priority operational sector of phase 1, - AVP - PRO - ACT (including DCE) - VISA - DET - AOR (including DOE) - retrocession of works in the other operational sectors of phase 1, - AVP of phases 2 to 5 of the ZAC.
NetInvest Potentiel is a mutual fund invested in transferable securities whose purpose is the participation, on behalf of the unitholders and with a view to its retrocession or transfer, to increasing investment opportunities and capital of companies.
Une progression des primes nettes de retrocession de 27% par rapport au troisieme trimestre 2015 pour atteindre 55,560 MDT.
4) If present, it is necessary to include the court decision which supports the retrocession application or examples of the contracts between the parties and Turkish legislation regarding custody or guardianship as well as the documents which might solve the conflict.
Swiss Re estimates its claims burden from Hurricane Sandy at around $900 million, net of retrocession and before tax.
Therefore, the company said that there will be an impact of about USD50 to USD55m net of reinstatement premiums and retrocession on 2011 fourth quarter results from continuing operations.
US Pacific Life Insurance Company on Monday said it was buying the life retrocession unit of Canadian insurer Manulife Financial Corp (TSE:MFC; NYSE:MFC) in a deal that would convert it into the largest life retrocessionaire in North America.
Global Banking News-July 18, 2011--Manulife Financial sells Life Retrocession unit(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Mr Albert Nduna, Group Managing Director of Zimbabwe Group reinsurance are faced with some challenges in Africa including socio-economic which have their impact especially in the international insurance markets where the reinsurance arm of the insurance sector in the continent get their retrocession which have been debilitated by a number of challenges.
Bruggeman, the author of Munich Re's annual survey, said the drop in retrocession is a symptom of fewer players in the market.
a reinsurance company that writes property catastrophe, per risk, marine and energy, retrocession and other specialty short-tail lines of business, leased 3,775s/f at 48 Wall St.
At last fall's Monte Carlo Rendezvous, the talk was on the retrocession market and what would happen because of Swiss Re's acquisition of GE Insurance Solutions.