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v. ret·ro·ced·ed, ret·ro·ced·ing, ret·ro·cedes
To go back; recede.
To cede or give back (a territory, for example); return.

[Latin retrōcēdere : retrō-, retro- + cēdere, to go; see ked- in Indo-European roots.]

ret′ro·ces′sion (-sĕsh′ən) n.
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n. retrocesión 1. retrocediendo, retraso; 2. desplazamiento de un órgano hacia atrás, tal como el útero.
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Meanwhile, the growth of alternative capital seems to have paused, at least temporarily, the report said, noting, however, that this has not materially shifted reinsurers' retrocession strategies.
The fund is expected to offer cedents a suite of property retrocession products with the ability to have coverage provided either on a collateralized basis, written by the new reinsurance company, or on a rated paper basis written by Markel Corp.'s existing Class 4 Bermuda-based licensed insurance company, Markel Bermuda Ltd., or a combination of both.
Jamais, depuis sa retrocession a la Chine le 1er Juillet 1997, Hong Kong n'a connu des heures aussi sombres que celles qu'elle a vecu, ce mercredi, quand la police est intervenue en faisant usage de balles en caoutchouc et de bombes lacrymogenes pour disperser les dizaines de milliers de manifestants descendus dans la rue denoncer un projet de loi gouvernemental devant permettre des extraditions vers toutes les juridictions meme quand aucun accord bilateral n'existe y compris vers la Chine continentale.
UK government-backed terrorism reinsurer Pool Re has announced that it is looking for a retrocession placement.
The entity is expected to write a significant portion of premiums originating from intra-group retrocession in respect of SCOR's Life business in the US and UK while providing reinsurance cover to insurance companies in respect of life assurance, including mortality, longevity and morbidity risks.
As previously reported, the transaction included novation and retrocession agreements pursuant to which the company's subsidiary, Cavello Bay Reinsurance Ltd., assumed certain Maiden Reinsurance Ltd.
Pursuant to the agreement, an Enstar subsidiary would enter into a retrocession agreement to effect a loss portfolio transfer in which the Enstar subsidiary would assume loss reserves of approximately $2.675B associated with Maiden Re's quota share reinsurance contracts with AmTrust Financial Services and its subsidiaries.
The plenary session will also examined the draft law 16-2017 approving the retrocession to the State of the bond issued by the Central Bank of Tunisia to the international financial market with the guarantee of the United States Agency for International Development, which is the subject of agreements between the central bank and a group of foreign financial institutions.