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1. Moving or tending backward: a retrograde flow.
2. Opposite to the usual order; inverted or reversed: the retrograde form of the melody.
3. Reverting to an earlier or inferior condition: a retrograde way of thinking.
4. Astronomy
a. Of or relating to the orbital revolution or axial rotation of a planetary or other celestial body that moves clockwise from east to west, in the direction opposite to most celestial bodies.
b. Of or relating to the brief, regularly occurring, apparently backward movement of a planetary body in its orbit as viewed against the fixed stars, caused by the differing orbital velocities of Earth and the body observed.
c. Of or relating to orbital motion in the direction opposite that of the predominant motion in an orbital system.
intr.v. ret·ro·grad·ed, ret·ro·grad·ing, ret·ro·grades
1. Astronomy To have retrograde motion.
2. To decline to an inferior state; degenerate.
3. Archaic To move or seem to move backward.

[Middle English, from Latin retrōgradus, from retrōgradī, to go back : retrō-, retro- + -gradus, walking (from gradī, to go; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots).]

ret′ro·gra·da′tion (-rō-grā-dā′shən) n.
ret′ro·grade′ly adv.
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A return to a former, usually worse condition:
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Par exemple, un arbitre de grief a annule la retrogradation d'une salariee, de retour au travail apres un episode d'epuisement professionnel, au motif que l'employeur devait lui offrir un poste correspondant a ses competences professionnelles et comportant une moins grande charge emotive (xvii).
Ben Aissa qui avait deja dirige le club de 1998 a 2004, succede ainsi a Ghazi Ben Tounes qui a demissionne de son poste suite a la retrogradation du club du Bardo pour la premiere fois de son histoire en Ligue 2.
La Tribunal arbitral du sport (TAS) a annonce, lundi dernier, avoir gele la decision prise en premiere instance par la LFP, qui consiste en la retrogradation du CRB Ain Fakroun pour avoir arrange le resultat du match contre l'AS Khroub.
Proteases decreased the extent of dough water absorption, development time, mixing stability, peak viscosity and the degree of starch retrogradation of the dough.
Saturated starch granule rupture to form paste, upon cooling starch granules starts retrogradation.
Although the more anxiety-inducing concerns included moral decay and communicable disease, both of which could cause the social retrogradation of Canada, the even greater worry was economic stagnation.
Retrogradation properties of rice starch gelatinized by heat and high hydrostatic pressure (HHP).
The results affecting the velocity (Table 5) and the extension of enzymatic starch hydrolysis (Table 6) can be attributed to various factors such as the granule morphology, the relation amylose amylopectin, crystallinity, degree of gelatinization, particle size, the extension of retrogradation, the thermal deterioration of the starch to the low moisture content or presence of other components that interact with starch, as the complex amylose/lipid and interactions starch/protein (Leloup, Colonna, & Ring, 1992).
It is well known fact that the addition of hydrocolloids increases the viscosity of starch dispersion and influences the retrogradation rate.