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n. uretrografía, rayos-x de la uretra usando una sustancia radioopaca inyectada.
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Urethral stricture between two groups Group A (n=33) Group B (n=31) Qmax <10 mL (n) 2 5 Retrograde urethrography 0 2 and urethroscopy (n) Qmax: peak urine flow rate.
Sahai, "A comparison of sonourethrography and retrograde urethrography in evaluation of anterior urethral strictures," Clinical Radiology, vol.
Retrograde urethrography is the standard diagnostic investigation in case of suspicion of urethral injury.
Retrograde urethrography indicated two complete megalourethras (Figure 3).
complete blood count, serum urea and creatinine, urine microscopy), upper tract evaluation by ultrasonography (US), uroflowmetery and retrograde urethrography. All strictures were operated under general/ regional anesthesia with patient in lithotomy position.
A total of 45 male patients of all age group having anterior urethral stricture on retrograde urethrography were subjected to sonourethrography of anterior urethra.
Previously, conventional Retrograde Urethrography (RGU) and anterograde urethrography along with voiding cystourethrography were the standard evaluation techniques for the male urethra.
Double contrast cystography and/or retrograde urethrography may identify radiolucent stones in bladder or urethra.
Retrograde urethrography showed that the length of the narrow segment of the bulbous urethra and distal urethra was 1.0-1.3 cm and the diameter decrease was more than 50% 2 weeks after the trauma.
A retrograde urethrography was taken to visualise both urethral tracts.
After screening, uroflowmetry, retrograde urethrography and cystometry were performed in selected patients.
Preoperative studies included retrograde urethrography, voiding cystography, and urethroscopy.