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(General Physics) of or relating to retroreflection


(ˌrɛ troʊ rɪˈflɛk tɪv)

of or pertaining to a surface, material, or device that reflects light or other radiation back to its source; reflective.
ret`ro•re•flec′tion, n.
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Colors of Retroreflective Traffic Sign Materials When Illuminated by High-Intensity Discharge Headlights, Report No.
Request for quotations : reflective and retroreflective materials
personal protective equipment-clothing: cotton suit; cotton jacket on a warming pad; cotton trousers on a warming pad; cotton cotton suit; cotton polyester suit with water repellent impregnation; - signal vest with elements of retroreflective material.
Tenders are invited for tender for s/f retrofit highmast retroreflective signange at jaipur retail territory
Request for quotations : retroreflective and nonreflective material
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Retroreflective stickers
Tenders are invited for prior to award 8" x 11" samples of retroreflective material, to be used on the project, may be requested as needed to determine lowest responsible and responsive bid.
1,500 traffic signs retroreflective class ra 1 / a; approx.
Tenders are invited for s/f of retrofit highmast retroreflective signage at jammu territory ros
Tenders are invited for Requested for proposal for procurement of retroreflective glass beads and retroreflective thermoplastic paints
- cotton suit with water-repellent impregnation (wu) (jacket + semi-overalls), dark blue with cornflower finish, without logo with retroreflective inserts of at least 50mm width on sleeves and on the bottom of the coquette.