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 (rĕt′sĭ-nə, rĕt-sē′nə)
A Greek white or rosé wine flavored with pine resin.

[Modern Greek, probably from Italian resina, resin, from Latin rēsīna; see resin.]


(rɛtˈsiːnə; ˈrɛtsɪnə)
(Brewing) a Greek wine flavoured with resin
[Modern Greek, from Italian resina resin]


(rɛtˈsi nə)

a strong, resinated wine of Greece and Cyprus.
[1935–40; < Modern Greek < Medieval Latin resina resin]
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Noun1.retsina - Greek wine flavored with resin
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)


nRetsina m
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The wine, Retsina, is native to which European country?
Lambs, many contributed by the Meat Board, spun on spits in Gaiatas, retsina flowed in the tavernas, tears were shed.
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That Greek speciality Retsina is made with grapes including Assyrtiko, but is infused with the sap of the Allepo pine tree.
If so, you have been drinking too much retsina. The euro crisis is far from over.
You'll see here that I had planned something fresh, and so unutterably, well, sunny, that you'd all be diving off to the shops and stocking up on the Retsina.
According to Theodora Retsina of American Process, "In addition to its exceptional sustainability profile, nanocellulose offers tremendous performance improvements for a variety of materials applications, including rubber.
Our favourite sundowner was when we grabbed a bottle of retsina from the supermarket and a takeaway pizza and picnicked on a wall on the steps down to the harbour.
But to those who want to stay true to the ouzeri style, their selection of retsina, tsipouro, rakomelo and all these inherently Greek and Cypriot spirits is vast.
They'd eaten meat with bits of orange in it, retsina washed it down.
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