return match

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مُباراة الثَّأر
odvetné utkání
seinni leikur tveggja liîa
odvetné stretnutie
rövanç maçı

return match

n (Sport) → (partita di) ritorno
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(rəˈtəːn) verb
1. to come or go back. He returns home tomorrow; He returned to London from Paris yesterday; The pain has returned.
2. to give, send, put etc (something) back where it came from. He returned the book to its shelf; Don't forget to return the books you borrowed.
3. I'll return to this topic in a minute.
4. to do (something) which has been done to oneself. She hit him and he returned the blow; He said how nice it was to see her again, and she returned the compliment.
5. (of voters) to elect (someone) to Parliament.
6. (of a jury) to give (a verdict). The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
7. (in tennis etc) to hit (a ball) back to one's opponent. She returned his serve.
1. the act of returning. On our return, we found the house had been burgled; (also adjective) a return journey.
2. especially in United Kingdom, a round-trip ticket, a return ticket. Do you want a single or a return?
reˈturnable adjective
that can be or that must be returned.
return match
a second match played between the same (teams of) players. We played the first match on our football pitch – the return match will be on theirs.
return ticket
a round-trip ticket, allowing a person to travel to a place and back again to where he started.
by return (of post)
by the very next post. Please send me your reply by return (of post).
in return (for)
as an exchange (for something). We'll send them whisky and they'll send us vodka in return: They'll send us vodka in return for whisky.
many happy returns (of the day)
an expression of good wishes said to a person on his birthday. He visited his mother on her birthday to wish her many happy returns.

to return (not return back) someone's book.
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References in classic literature ?
Never had a chance to make a showin', an' he wants a return match. He's blattin' around town that he can lick me with one hand tied behind 'm, an' all that kind of hot air.
There was no need of any caution this time, and no fear of being detained by having to play out a return match with Daniel Quilp's boy.
DEADLY Diego Tristan reckons Deportivo La Coruna can overturn the two-goal deficit against Manchester United in tomorrow's Champions League return match.
Rangers are at home in the first leg before travelling to Rotterdam in the return match on February 28.
Wanchope has since written a letter of apology to the youngster, who lives near King's Lynn, as well as sending him a signed Manchester City shirt and inviting him to attend the return match at Maine Road in January as his personal guest.
I understand that a return match has been suggested - on the golf course this time.
The German midfielder knows he and his Anfield mates face a tough return match next Tuesday in the explosive atmosphere of Istanbul.
FA chiefs have already discussed a return match in Stockholm next year in the build-up to the World Cup.
However, van Bronckhorst should be ready to face the Germans in what is shaping up to be a thrilling return match following Rangers' 1-0 victory at Ibrox on Thursday.
Chelsea won without him and Deschamps could pay with his place for the return match with Marseille on Wednesday night.
Now Ferguson faces a dilemma, with tomorrow's Liverpool game being closely followed by the key trip to Bordeaux for the European return match on Tuesday.
Who knows, maybe if the concept worked we could have a return match at somewhere like Hamilton in the summer.