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tr.v. re·used, re·us·ing, re·us·es
To use again, especially after salvaging or special treatment or processing.

re·us′a·bil′i·ty n.
re·us′a·ble adj. & n.
re·use′ (-yo͞os′) n.


the state or quality of being reusable
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High sensitivity, selectivity and reusability are among the advantages of the sensor.
The new and improved system retains all the advantages from the previously validated Dynaflow technology and now features the Resolve Glass Chip, providing reusability and adsorption-free perfusion.
Last month I discussed the "Nine Degrees of Data Reusability," a measurement scale where each level, or degree, represents one step closer to total data interactivity and reusability within a corporate information system and across different entities (such as business and financial partners, auditors, regulators, etc.
SOA addresses the reusability of both business processes and data.
However reusability in code generation is not highlighted in those products.
The building should reflect local culture and context and the design should demonstrate clear principles of sustainability through choice of materials, management of energy and waste, climate modification, reusability.
Require a program for either the collection and reuse of packages by manufacturers, or their reuse by consumers to sustain a claim of refillability or reusability.
Named one of KMWorld's "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management", we offer configurable and scalable XML content management and publishing solutions that maximize content reusability and repurposing.
In this column I will discuss the value of data reusability and describe the stages of transforming your data from an untapped potential resource into a true contributor to the lasting competitiveness of your organization.
PVCS enables us to standardize our approach to multi-programmer development, resulting in lower learning curves and reusability across development projects.
Lower implementation costs through increased component reusability and sharing of services across multiple applications;