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tr.v. re·val·i·dat·ed, re·val·i·dat·ing, re·val·i·dates
To declare valid again.

re·val′i·da′tion n.


vb (tr)
to validate again
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16, Dulay ordered the submission of an inventory/status report of the revalidated LOAs as well as those issued after June 30, 2016.
In a separate order, the BIR directed the NID and its revenue officers to submit a status report of all Letters of Authority (LAs), including those revalidated pursuant to Revenue Memorandum Order No.
Back in December 215, more than 18, licences were computerised and revalidated, while around 8, were found to be fake in other provinces and cancelled.
In the revalidation campaign of arms licences which ended in December 2015, a total of 180,000 arms licences were computerised and revalidated, while around 8,000 licences were found to be bogus.
To highlight some past success of the arms license project, since the arms license revalidation campaign ended in December 2015, a total of 180,000 arms licenses were computerised and revalidated while around 8,000 licenses were found to be bogus during the campaign.
The feasibility study for this link was carried out during 2003-04 which is now being revalidated.
5mm) Eligibility Criteria : Eligibility Criteria : The eligible bidder should have valid TAC/TSEC issued by DOT/BSNL and/or QF-103 with payment proof issued by BSNL QA f or revalidated / new TSEC against TEC GR given in the NIT and valid BIS Regn.
The system uses National instruments' Veri Stand and PXI modules for testing of the train systems and validation of the models, so changes made to the models can be revalidated in the environment they will later be running in.
This volume consists of the March-September 2016 edition of the British National Formulary (BNF), revised and revalidated to reflect changes in product availability and clinical practice and emerging safety concerns.
When a Touch ID sensor is repaired by an Apple representative, the new components are revalidated by the company.
They were told that no cable license would be revalidated after expiry if it would not meet the condition of Digitalization in line with International Telecom Union (ITU) commitment.
Currently the Nursing and Midwifery Council is changing the way nurses are revalidated, and Unite's professional officers took part in the pilot study.