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tr.v. re·val·i·dat·ed, re·val·i·dat·ing, re·val·i·dates
To declare valid again.

re·val′i·da′tion n.
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vb (tr)
to validate again
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As to the 42 other foreigners, Sobejana said the military is revalidating its information on them with regards to their links with the IS.
'Apart from revalidating [the passport], I contacted the office of the [DFA] Secretary [Teodoro Locsin Jr.] to inform his office that I will be travelling for a business trip using a diplomatic passport,' he said.
LATELY, Nigeria has witnessed increased cases of heartless human beings with dead consciences relabeling and revalidating the dates of expired foods and drugs.
The mandate of Aguio in revalidating the genealogy and other documents on the selection of Codilla was in accordance with the National Guidelines for the Mandatory Representation of Indigenous Peoples in Local Legislative Councils.
'We are revalidating again, confirming that they are involved in illegal drugs.
Independent experts had advised the government that a revalidation exercise almost a year after the actual census would lead to more confusion than revalidating the original results.
Lastly, the IPPAC mentioned, the final award of Rs 14 billion in International Arbitration for amount unduly withheld by NTDC in 2011-2013, issued in favor of IPPs (revalidating local arbitration award of 2015) has been challenged by NTDC in London Commercial Court.
The flight test was aimed at revalidating several designs and technical parameters of countries weapons system.
KO: Are you expecting revalidation processes to be up to scratch in individual organisations when it comes to individual registrants revalidating?
The successful launch was aimed at revalidating various design and technical parameters of the weapon system.
We cannot afford to stand still, however, so in order to maintain our track record of excellence, we have launched a process of revalidating the credentials of all of our consultant doctors." HMC's chief of Medical, Academic and Research Affairs professor Mike Richmond said: "HMC is transforming from a medical care delivery system into a highly dynamic Academic Health System with significant research and education components.
New Delhi, Apr 10 ( ANI ): Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma has said India would not allow additional cotton exports as of now though it could permit shipments already registered with the government after revalidating.