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 (rə-vänch′, -väNsh′)
The act of retaliating, especially by a nation or group to regain lost territory or standing; revenge.

[French, from Old French revancher, to revenge : re-, re- + vengier, vencher, to avenge; see revenge.]

re·vanch′ism (-vän′chĭz-əm, -väN′shĭz-) n.
re·vanch′ist adj. & n.
re·vanch·is′tic adj.




(rəˈvæntʃ, -ˈvɑ̃ʃ)

also re•vanch•ism

(-ˈvæn tʃɪz əm, -ˈvɑ̃ ʃɪz-)

the policy of a state intent on regaining areas of its original territory that have been lost to other states.
[1855–60; < French: revenge]
re•vanch′ist, n., adj.
References in classic literature ?
I therefore think that we are wrong to govern ourselves upon the hypothesis of the revanche; the French nature is too shallow for that large and powerful plant to bloom in it.
Le rapatriement, en revanche, est tombe de 6 909 a 6 862 et la diminution du rapatriement librement consenti, de 1 201 a 555, a ete encore plus marquee, avec une chute de 53,8%.
En revanche, le HUSA qui a encore un match en moins est relegue a la 4e place avec 30 points.
Une victoire sur les anti-reforme Belle revanche de l'Education contre les chantres de la politique de la terre brulee, qui ont tout tente pour saborder ses efforts dans l'application des reformes du secteur.
La Tunisie se chargera, en revanche, de la coordination entre les deux commissions.
En revanche, le Mouloudia Marrakech, champion du Maroc, (groupe A) s'est incline devant le club Angolais Primero sur le score de 25 a 27(mi-temps 13-11).
La Russie a aisement battu le Bresil, nonuple vainqueur, trois sets a zero (25-23, 25-19, 25-19), dans une revanche de la finale des JO de Londres.
Leadership of Ata Jurt is revanche of consolidated southern elites, who approached this situation cohesively, Mars Sariev said.A powerful external information influence was exerted on Ar Namys party, which took a big percentage of votes from Ata Meken party, but took no votes from Ata Jurt and Respublika.Information attack on NTV, the political expert said, has become a signal for Russian population from Moscow, this is why Ata Meken was defeated, Social Democratic Party lost many votes.
"Revanche" has already captured numerous awards, and more may be forthcoming.
I am partial to Red Dragon Band's "Let Me Be Your Radio" (ok, sure!) and Revanche's "1979 It's Dancing Time," mostly because it's fun to imagine myself traveling back in time and actually hearing this stuff at a European disco, preferably while wearing a Halston original as cocaine rains down from the rafters.
Two couples--one from the city, the other from the countryside--are bound together by fate in Austrian writer-director Goetz Spielmann's taut thriller "Revanche." Elegantly spinning primal elements of guilt, revenge, faith and redemption, helmer's gripping fifth feature is prime fest material that's likely to rate Euro arthouse exposure, with further viewers in ancillary.
A noter, une perte de poids permet souvent de rE[umlaut]tablir une ovulation normale et d'augmenter la rE[umlaut]ussite des traitements.Grossesse compliquE[umlaut]eLa surcharge pondE[umlaut]rale a aussi de nombreux effets connus lors de la grossesse:Risque de fausses-couches plus E[umlaut]levE[umlaut] lors du premier trimestre ;Plus de problE me d'hypertension artE[umlaut]rielle liE[umlaut]e Ea la grossesse ; DiabE te gestationnel plus frE[umlaut]quent;CE[umlaut]sariennes plus frE[umlaut]quentes, avec un risque plus E[umlaut]levE[umlaut] liE[umlaut] aux gestes opE[umlaut]ratoires.En revanche, il n'y aurait pas d'influence sur le risque de prE[umlaut]maturitE[umlaut].