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 (rə-vänch′, -väNsh′)
The act of retaliating, especially by a nation or group to regain lost territory or standing; revenge.

[French, from Old French revancher, to revenge : re-, re- + vengier, vencher, to avenge; see revenge.]

re·vanch′ism (-vän′chĭz-əm, -väN′shĭz-) n.
re·vanch′ist adj. & n.
re·vanch·is′tic adj.


A. ADJrevanchista
B. Nrevanchista mf


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A large part of the population is still under the spell of the revanchist theory of Hindutva, as evidenced by ordinary Indians' murderous attacks on fellow citizens for gao rakhsha.
"A $200 billion cut is too much for a world with threats like today's revanchist Russia, rising China, activist Iran and nuclearizing North Korea," they wrote.
The fact is that any US president would now like to lower the country's exposure to Middle Eastern conflicts in the face of a resurgent China and a revanchist Russia.
But even the Fatih, Eyup and Uskudar districts of Istanbul, where conservative Muslims form a majority, offered a majority of their votes for Imamoglu, who made an effort to counteract revanchist impulses.
Through his sharp analysis of the ways in which the drug war--and meth itself--comes alive as a monster animated by media and cultural production and unleashed by police power, Linnemann makes it clear that the drug war is equal parts Freudian death drive and revanchist, classed, and racialized political police violence, and that both are routinely enacted on the social and material landscapes of rurality.
The study simply takes for granted that the Kremlin will continue to pursue revanchist policies abroad, despite the obvious negative impact its aggressive behavior had on Russia's international standing and domestic economy.
Russia, for its part, as Freed observes, went from being both weak and quiescent in the early 1990s to being a revanchist power, a spoiler with enough capability and cunning to be disruptive.
There are some in the foreign policy establishment who believe that a revanchist Russia poses a grave threat to America.
In contrast, unlike Barack Hussein Obama who was (according to many Poles, Populists, and White supremacists) of "uncertain" background (vide conspiracy theories of Obama faking his birth certificate or being a 'Muslim mole' in the White House) and didn't abolish visas to the US for Poles, Trump appeared as a breakthrough and a light of hope for Poland's Law and Justice party revanchist aspirations towards rest of the Western world, which according to them, didn't respect Poland enough.
These invasions are also highly symptomatic of China's historically based territorial claims that are at sharp odds with a body of modern international law that does not easily recognize such 'revanchist' arguments.'
At a time when a combative China is rising, a revanchist Russia is meddling, a terrorist threat still simmers, and technology is remaking the globe in ways that will upend our society, America is adrift.
Operating through improvisation and informal connections, officials create what the journalist Mark Galeotti has called an "adhocracy." The country's political system is many things - autocratic, fragile, revanchist and insecure - but not totalitarian.