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re·veal 1

tr.v. re·vealed, re·veal·ing, re·veals
a. To make known (something concealed or unknown): She revealed that she was pregnant. The study revealed the toxic effects of the pollutant.
b. To cause to be seen; show: The curtains parted, revealing a ballerina. The x-ray revealed a broken bone.
2. To make known by supernatural or divine means: "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven" (Romans 1:18).
The making known of an important, secret, or salient occurrence, such as the revealing of a major development, plot twist, or visual effect in a movie: "Seeing [the Wiz] in human form in the first act diminishes the power of the reveal in the second" (Bob Verini).

[Middle English revelen, from Old French reveler, from Latin revēlāre : re-, re- + vēlāre, to cover (from vēlum, veil).]

re·veal′a·ble adj.
re·veal′er n.
re·veal′ment n.

re·veal 2

a. The part of the side of a window or door opening that is between the outer surface of a wall and the window or door frame.
b. The whole side of such an opening; the jamb.
2. The framework of a motor vehicle window.

[From Middle English revalen, to lower, from Old French revaler : re-, re- + avaler, to lower (from a val, down : a, to from Latin ad; see ad- + val, valley; see vale1).]
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Doctor, however, mentions nothing about Mipham's relation to this particular treasure revealer and no explicit statement concerning this can be found in Mipham's text.
I lived in our prayer hooks, which continuously reflect the ancient way of thinking about God as supreme, all-knowing, all-powerful, the creator and redeemer, a revealer.
To go down this road would be to forget that, if the Greeks are themselves and other than themselves, if they are at the same time one and the other, this is because, in accordance with the logic of the limit that defines its articulation and simultaneity, the pertinence of this structure rests entirely on the and, which is less the revealer of a doubling, or a splitting, than of a gap or fault, an idea of non-coincidence whose distance makes presence possible.
Thus, at the origins of and in the indeterminate space between astrology (the truth of myth) and astronomy (the truth of science) lies whimsy, the great revealer of possibilities for which no higher necessity yet exists.
The uniqueness of Christ as the historical revealer, as the Word made flesh, and the mystery of Calvary [compels the affirmation that] God reveals himself in history, outside the Church as well as in it.
We have, by denying the etymology of this word, tried to make the artist as discoverer or revealer into the artist as daydreamer.
In Underworld, garbage and waste are art and commerce, weapon and nuisance, environmental threat and revealer of truths.
But the evidence suggesting that the latter is a secondary Kommentarwort will not go away: Jesus' unique and unrestricted authority, the title `the Son' in place of a relationship of sonship, Jesus rather than God as the sole revealer.
24) Traditionally the revealer of truth and punisher of wrongdoers, he appears in the first part of the play as both an oracular deity and one who strikes at the injustice of men.
After all, at the very top of the church spire pointing toward heaven stands the victorious rooster, historically the symbol and the best-known revealer of human treachery and deceit.
It was veteran celebrity real estate snitch Vlad the Revealer from whom we first heard that Charlize Theron sold a penthouse apartment at the Broadway Hollywood Lofts building smack in the heart of Hollywood for $1.
DESCRIPTION: A Spirituality for the 21st Century: Michael Morwood articulates and reflects on the solid ground on which we can shape Christian spirituality in light of radical shifts in our understanding of God, our place in the Universe, Jesus as revealer of God-with-us, prayer and sacraments.