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1. One that returns after a lengthy absence.
2. One who returns after death.

[French, from present participle of revenir, to return, from Old French; see revenue.]


something, esp a ghost, that returns
[C19: from French: ghost, from revenir to come back, from Latin revenīre, from re- + venīre to come]


(ˈrɛv ə nənt)

1. a person who returns, esp. after a long absence.
2. a person who returns as a spirit after death.
[1820–30; < French: ghost, n. use of present participle of revenir to return; see revenue, -ant]
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Noun1.revenant - a person who returns after a lengthy absence
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
2.revenant - someone who has returned from the dead
ghost - the visible disembodied soul of a dead person
Adj.1.revenant - of or relating to or typical of a revenant; "revenant shrieks and groans"
2.revenant - coming back; "a revenant ghost"
continual - occurring without interruption; chiefly restricted to what recurs regularly or frequently in a prolonged and closely spaced series; "the continual banging of the shutters"


A supernatural being, such as a ghost:
Informal: spook.
Regional: haunt.
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