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Produced or operating by reverberation; deflected or diverted, as flame or heat, onto material being treated.


(rɪˈvɜːbərətərɪ; -trɪ)
characterized by, utilizing, or produced by reverberation
n, pl -ries
(Metallurgy) short for reverberatory furnace


(rɪˈvɜr bər əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i)

adj., n., pl. -ries. adj.
1. characterized or produced by reverberation.
2. of or denoting a furnace, kiln, or the like in which heat radiates by being deflected downward from the roof.
3. deflected, as flame.
4. a device, as a furnace, embodying reverberation.
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But another major area of radiant heat loss is from furnace shells, such as holding furnaces, reverberatory furnaces and rotary melting furnaces.
INCO followed suit a decade later, converting its operations to more modern reverberatory furnaces that did not require pre-roasting ores.
It is through the novelist's power of creation that we can get our best glimpse of what lies behind and under the reverberatory power of facts.
55) Smelting was done in reverberatory and calcining furnaces, producing antimony ingots with a recovery rate of up to 95%, lowering both production and shipping costs.
This amplifying system serves as a reverberatory channel for short-and long-term memories.
NMDA signal transduction modulates the thalamocorticothalamic reverberatory circuit important in conscious perception and schizophrenia.
Plus it will increase the capability of the Ausmelt so eventually it can become our only smelting furnace and allow us to convert the old reverberatory furnace, which is responsible for most roof level emissions, into a holding furnace.
Pulvermuller argues that the term functional web refers to networks that include reverberatory loops and produce well-timed spatiotemporal patterns of activity: neuronal grammar circuits can process relevant syntactic structures in a biologically realistic manner, a certain modification of dependency syntax is equivalent to grammar circuits, whereas neuronal grammar can accept strings by grouping embedded phrases into synchronized assemblies of neuronal sets.
The project on 'onsite assessments of a reverberatory aluminum melting furnaces' is expected to increase the 'reverberatory' furnaces' efficiency in order to reduce the energy consumed per unit mass of the produced aluminum.
Both of these achievements had reverberatory effects on other national stages.
Topics of the 31 papers include a historical review and peek into the futures, a life cycle analysis of greenhouse emissions in primary aluminum smelter cast houses, automated metal siphoning and cast house energy consumption, the benefits of forced circulation for aluminum reverberatory furnaces, using electromagnetic fields to detect inclusions in aluminum, estimating the production capabilities of cast-house equipment configuration options, organic coatings to prevent molten metal explosions, and a technological jump in aluminum ingot production.
No reverberatory effect of the great war has caused American public opinion more solicitude then the failure of the 'melting-pot'.