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reverse (top) and obverse (bottom) of a Polish zloty coin


1. Turned backward in position, direction, or order: the reverse side of the poster.
2. Moving, acting, or organized in a manner contrary to the usual: in reverse order.
3. Causing backward movement: a reverse gear.
4. Printing Printed in such a way that the normally colored part appears white against a colored or black background.
1. The opposite or contrary: All along we thought Sue was older than Bill, but just the reverse was true.
a. The back or rear part: the reverse of the flyer.
b. The side of a coin or medal that does not carry the principal design; the verso.
3. A change to an opposite position, condition, or direction.
4. A change in fortune from better to worse; a setback: suffered financial reverses.
a. A mechanism, such as a gear in a motor vehicle, that is used to reverse movement.
b. The position or operating condition of such a mechanism.
c. Movement in an opposite direction.
6. Football An offensive play in which a ball carrier running in one direction executes a handoff to a player running in the opposite direction.
v. re·versed, re·vers·ing, re·vers·es
1. To turn around to the opposite direction: The wind reversed the weather vane.
2. To turn inside out or upside down: reverse a jacket.
3. To exchange the positions of; transpose: reversed the people on stage.
4. Law To change or set aside (a lower court's decision).
a. To cause to adopt a contrary viewpoint: reversed himself during the campaign.
b. To change to the opposite: reversed their planned course of action.
6. To cause (an engine or mechanism) to function in reverse.
7. To direct that (a charge) apply to the person receiving instead of making a telephone call.
1. To turn or move in the opposite direction.
2. To reverse the action of an engine.
reverse (one's) field
To turn and proceed in the opposite direction.

[Middle English revers, from Old French, from Latin reversus, past participle of revertere, to turn back; see revert.]

re·verse′ly adv.
re·vers′er n.
Synonyms: reverse, invert, transpose
These verbs mean to change to the opposite position, direction, or course. Reverse implies a complete turning about to a contrary position: We reversed the arrangement of the sofa and chairs. To invert is basically to turn something upside down or inside out, but the term may imply placing something in a reverse order: inverted the glass; invert subject and verb to form an interrogative. Transpose applies to altering position in a sequence by reversing or changing the order: I often misspell receive by transposing the "e" and the "i."
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The patented proximity sensors can be designed into a range of aircraft systems such as thrust reverser actuation systems, flight controls, aircraft doors, cargo loading systems, evacuation slide locks and landing gear.
Spirit AeroSystems produces the 737 MAX fuselage, pylon, thrust reverser and engine nacelle at its Wichita, Kan.
The FAA alleges Hawaiian operated the aircraft thousands of times when it was not in compliance with a July 2000 Airworthiness Directive (AD) that required inspections of certain engine thrust reverser components.
7m) cash deal to buy the hydraulic thrust reverser actuation systems (TRAS) activities of General Electric Co (NYSE:GE).
The companies said that this agreement formalises details of the relationship between Nexcelle and GE Aviation on the development, production and delivery of the nacelle and thrust reverser for the GE Passport 20 integrated propulsion system, which will be used on the new Bombardier Global 7000 and 8000 business jet aircraft.
Both a R-R directive and FAA's latest notice of proposed rulemaking are designed to prevent the repeat of an 11 May 2009 incident in which a British Airways 747-400 came close to stalling after the leading edge flaps retracted on rotation due to a faulty signal from the thrust reverser control system.
25 to operators of 777s powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 800s recommending a thrust reverser fix to address concerns related to overheating.
Teledyne Relays has introduced a three-phase induction motor reverser that can be used to turn on an industrial motor in either direction safely.
7, a JAL passenger plane traveled from Osaka to Kagoshima with one of its two engine thrust reversers not functioning after maintenance crew forgot to remove the safety pin locking the activation of the reverser.
Importantly, Reverser was effective in patients with HIV resistant to other commonly used nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors, including the two-thirds of patients with the M41L multiple thymidine analog mutation, Dr.
5 hours into the mission, the Aircraft Commander (AC) noticed a steady illumination of the #3 Reverser Operating light with no indication of associated yaw or correction by the autopilot.