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tr.v. re·vis·it·ed, re·vis·it·ing, re·vis·its
1. To visit again.
2. To consider or discuss again.
1. A second or repeated visit.
2. A second or repeated consideration or discussion of a subject.

re′vis·i·ta′tion n.
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a second or subsequent visitation or visit
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Her case study is Italian Sign Language, specifically its nominal domain, and her empirical research question is the extent to which Universal 20 (Greenberg, 1963) in its recent formal revisitation (Cinque, 2005) is also valid for Italian Sign Language.
Driving with Richard was the result of Wiseman and Crofts' initial meetings, with Wonder Boy constituting an Up series-style revisitation almost a decade later.
After a revisitation of the physical foundations of the relation between speed of sound and temperature, the paper focuses on the reformulation of the problem of source localization from Time Differences of Arrival (TDOAs) when the unknown parameters also include the speed of sound.
Functional lower lip reconstruction with bilateral cheek advancement flaps: revisitation of Webster method with a minor modification in the technique.
Austin lawyer Michael Nasi, who represents power generators who rely on coal, said such regulations also have increased the cost of power generation for natural gas in some cases and "all warrant serious revisitation."
Rather than merely stage a nostalgic revisitation of the early '70s, the Wooster Group salutes Johnston as a forerunner--a performance artist avant la lettre.
Please include a revisitation of the Eugene Water & Electric Board river site as part of the planning - and also get some people on the committee who have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to create an inviting and aesthetically compelling downtown.
"A Dublin Fairytale" is a unique, original revisitation of the story of Little Red Riding Hood with a mischievous, Irish twist.
Partial contents: "Introduction: Women, Philosophy, and Literature in the Early Modern Period," by Perter Anstey & Jocelyn Harris; "Margaret Cavendish's Early Engagement with Descartes and Hobbes: Philosophical Revisitation and Poetic Selection," by L.
Then there is the fact that the essence of Auerbach's work lies in repetition, revisitation, and familiarity: much of his oeuvre depicts one of two things--the parks and streets around his studio, and portraits of close friends or relatives.
I think that making the decision that the 50th would not be a revisitation of the master works and somehow pull out rep that represented a career that we all knew, that's minimally crazy.