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v. re·vised, re·vis·ing, re·vis·es
1. To alter or edit (a text).
2. To reconsider and change or modify: I have revised my opinion of him. See Synonyms at correct.
3. Chiefly British To study again (academic material, for example), as for a test; review.
1. To make revisions, as in a text.
2. Chiefly British To study something again; review.
n. (rē′vīz′, rĭ-vīz′)
1. Informal An act or product of revising; a revision.
2. Printing A proof made from an earlier proof on which corrections have been made.

[Latin revīsere, to visit again, look at again : re-, re- + vīsere, frequentative of vidēre, to see; see review.]

re·vis′a·ble adj.
re·vis′er, re·vi′sor n.
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esp law a reviser
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Schottel said he knew about this federal law when he filed his suit, but he noticed a "Revisor's Note" on the Missouri statute.
In the period December 2016 to January 2017, the coalition drafted a comprehensive bill for E-12 education and another for higher education with technical assistance from the Legislative Revisor's Office (i.e., the legal staff who write, format, and publish bills for legislators), a collaboration that was only made possible by MCLA's open access to the revisor because of its status as a state agency.
They've reunited for Revisor, a new work for eight dancers who embody voiceovers recorded by celebrated actors--a conceit not dissimilar to that of Pite and Young's darkly political The Statement, created for Nederlands Dans Theater in 2016.
It's all about the timing.<br />During odd-numbered years like 2017the first year of the present bienniumany bill passed during the last three calendar days before adjournment must be signed by the governor within three days of presentment by the revisor's office.
1836 - Nikolai Gogol's "Revisor," premieres in St Petersburg
They asked the court to direct the head revisor to apply the correct threshold percentage as set by the Comelec in the revision, recount and re-appreciation of the ballots.