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Noun1.revitalisation - bringing again into activity and prominence; "the revival of trade"; "a revival of a neglected play by Moliere"; "the Gothic revival in architecture"
Renaissance, Renascence, rebirth - the revival of learning and culture
regeneration - the activity of spiritual or physical renewal
resurrection - a revival from inactivity and disuse; "it produced a resurrection of hope"
resuscitation - the act of reviving a person and returning them to consciousness; "although he was apparently drowned, resuscitation was accomplished by artificial respiration"
betterment, improvement, advance - a change for the better; progress in development
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Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Mr Nonofo Molefhi had urged government departments and parastatals to positively contribute to the Selebi Phikwe Revitalisation initiative.
"Inner City Revitalisation in Canada: A Vancouver Case Study." Canadian Geographer 25: 124-48.
Drees & Sommer (D&S) was appointed as the project consultant in charge of the revitalisation of the ProVita International Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi.
Next year asphalt will be replaced by stone and remaining billboards will be removed.The revitalisation of the long-neglected Kamenneacute Square in Bratislava's downtown, home to the iconic Kyjev Hotel and Tesco department store, is going according to plan.
Revitalisation in itself is a capital expense (capex), but if implemented under consideration of life-cycle cost, it can extend typical building life cycles of 10-15 years to 30-50 years.
The funds will be invested through the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Neighborhood Revitalisation Tax Credit programme, to help support a 10-year revitalisation plan of the West Side of Asbury Park.
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), the agency responsible for the future of Abu Dhabi's urban environment, has won the award for the best residential project for its trend setting Baniyas/South Wathba Revitalisation Project at the Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2010 awards.
Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) has announced that it has expanded its neighbourhood revitalisation programme.
Entitled Misericordia Dei (The Mercy of God), it is a strongly worded instruction designed to head off the "crisis in confession" which has a grip on the Church, and to provide a vigorous revitalisation of the sacrament of penance.
A recent panel discussion organised by Drees & Sommer (D&S), andmoderated by MEFMA board member Ali Al Suwaidi, highlighted revitalisation as the solution property owners in Dubai should consider, in order to maintain returns on their assets in a competitive and evolving market.

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