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tr.v. re·vi·tal·ized, re·vi·tal·iz·ing, re·vi·tal·iz·es
To impart new life or vigor to: plans to revitalize inner-city neighborhoods; tried to revitalize a flagging economy.

re·vi′tal·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(riːˈvaɪtəlaɪzd) or


restored; active again
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Adj.1.revitalized - restored to new life and vigor; "a revitalized economy"; "a revitalized inner-city neighborhood"
revived - restored to consciousness or life or vigor; "felt revived hope"
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The delegation, the Presidential Press Unit noted, assessed areas affected by conflict and discussed with the country's leader about providing humanitarian assistance to South Sudan and the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.
1 / 4 The new CTR is a revitalized version of the 1999 classic.
17 (SUNA)-Japan appreciated in Statement by Foreign Press Secretary ,Takeshi Osuga, agreement on the signing of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.
Since then, six more projects have revitalized sites in regions of Mexico where the company operates.
If we are surrounded by accelerated change and technology adoption, how do we stay revitalized and energized as IT professionals?
A total of 22 market segments will be revitalized, week-by-week, followed by a revitalization of 15 service regions.
MARTIN KILSON, professor emeritus of government at Harvard University, weighed in on ADAM SERWER's piece ("The President's Frenemies") about the black activist tradition being revitalized by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West: "Serwer makes clear that while in empirical terms the Smiley-West duo's approach to politics reflects 'the perennial pitfall of lefty reforms,' he nonetheless is fair-minded in remarking that both Smiley and West genuinely endeavor to revitalize the Reverend Martin Luther King's variant of black folks' prophetic-activist mobilization tradition.
Leading a revitalized city through the next stages of economic development, growth and prosperity is at the top of Jay Minkarah's to-do list.
"Downtown Manhattan is being revitalized before our very eyes and has quickly become one of the hottest business and residential markets in the nation," said Larry A.
The University of Pennsylvania has occupied several core blocks in West Philadelphia since 1870 and has steadily revitalized and expanded its 269-acre campus over the past 134 years.