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tr.v. re·vi·tal·ized, re·vi·tal·iz·ing, re·vi·tal·iz·es
To impart new life or vigor to: plans to revitalize inner-city neighborhoods; tried to revitalize a flagging economy.

re·vi′tal·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(riːˈvaɪtəlaɪzɪŋ) or


having the ability or tendency to restore strength
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Adj.1.revitalizing - tending to impart new life and vigor to; "the renewing warmth of the sunshine"
invigorating - imparting strength and vitality; "the invigorating mountain air"
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adj revitalizador
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He is known as an expert in business transformations with exceptional talent in revitalizing failing situations, helping companies and individuals approach problems and ideas in innovative ways.
Revitalizing South Africa's State-owned industrial parks would enable them to serve as catalysts for broader economic and industrial development, with a specific focus on township and rural areas.
In February Maybelline began shipping two products that fit that bill: Revitalizing Lip Indulgence lip color and Revitalizing lip liner.
Summary: With time, a person's skin loses its natural tone making it look wrinkled and aged and requiring the assistance of tools like skin revitalizing handheld devices.
Other Colorful Communities projects involved revitalizing and improving the safety of a playground in Poland; transforming classrooms and corridors, and adding to the science curriculum, at a charter school in Pittsburgh; and creating a more welcoming and positive environment at a children's hospital in Italy.
has introduced Revitalizing Herb Drops, an herb drop formulated to restore energy.
The all-natural total body beauty enhancing Zinn collection includes the Zinn 100% Moroccan Argan Oil to hydrate and repair dry skin, hair and nails; the Zinn Facial Velvet Cleansing Milk to hydrate, clean and illuminate skin; the Zinn Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream to reverse and protect against This new skin care line is skin-aging and Zinn Smooth Body Milk sold at Ulta stores.
The line includes a revitalizing shampoo and conditioner for normal hair; moisture-replenish shampoo and conditioner for dry, damaged hair; nourish and protect shampoo and conditioner for colored or permed hair; intensive repair deep conditioner; nourishing milk revitalizer; and a reconstructive strengthening treatment.
By cleaning unused industrial sites, we are not only removing environmental threats from communities throughout the state, we are also revitalizing local economies.
While in 1994 Maybelline concentrated on getting its Revitalizing line of cosmetics and skin care off the ground, in 1995 Maybelline will shift the focus to classic Maybelline as it woos consumers ages 18 to 34.