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Noun1.revival meeting - an evangelistic meeting intended to reawaken interest in religionrevival meeting - an evangelistic meeting intended to reawaken interest in religion
mass meeting, rally - a large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm
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He happened to go into a revival meeting one night this spring and he got converted.
It was like going to revival meetings with someone who was always being converted.
It was a parallel case to those sudden conversions at Welsh revival meetings. On Monday evening he had been at his worst.
As many as 90,000 are expected over the weekend for the Goodwood Revival Meeting. The third running of the event includes 14 races over the next two days featuring cars from the Fifties through to 1966 when the famous old circuit closed its doors.
The Goodwood Revival meeting is a celebration of the racing heroes of yesteryear and we are offering a superb prize of two tickets for next Saturday, including lunch in the Hawthorn Winners' Pavilion alongside the track and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne.
But Cox Television senior exec Andy Fischer said Eye execs also helped make the confab a success by holding a pep rally rather than a fire-andbrimstone revival meeting designed to convert affil sinners into web believers.
Bell managed to resolve many of her religious doubts in the late summer of 1925 by recommiting her life to Christ at a revival meeting. During that same revival Penrod also walked forward to commit his life to Christ.
Observers often noted that Bessie Smith's performances had all the fervor of a revival meeting. As Danny Barker recalled:
It was like a feminist and/or Northern religious revival meeting.
Darden's rich voice gives authority to the admonishing "The Biggest Ain't the Best," and provides fine harmony with Grigaitis on the toe-tapping "Just a Coup'la Sisters." He really cuts loose with vocal fire, joined by his fellow sisters, on the roof-raising "Holier Than Thou," which had the audience clapping as if they were at a revival meeting.
They will then head south to the Wellington Barracks in Birdcage Walk, central London, before moving on to the Goodwood Revival meeting in Sussex on Saturday.