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 (rĕv′ə-kə-bəl) also re·vok·a·ble (rĭ-vō′-)
Capable of being revoked: a revocable order; a revocable vote.
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Adj.1.revokable - capable of being revoked or annulled; "a revocable order"
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But the vendor, Bird Ride Inc., based in Santa Monica, California, can avoid the impoundment of its black scooters, or "Birds," if representatives comply with the city's revokable permit process that includes gaining permission for the "nests" where company workers recharge and vend the scooters.
Thelma L Brutscher Revokable Trust, to Griffin Ronald, 1347 30th St, Springfield; $85,000.
And be it further enacted, That on the application of the owners of private armed vessels of the United States, the President of the United States may grant them special commissions in the form which he shall direct under the seal of the United States; and such private armed vessels, when so commissioned, shall have the like authority for subduing, seizing, taking and bringing into port any Algerine vessel, goods or effects, as the before-mentioned public armed vessels may by law have; and shall therein be subject to the instructions which may be given by the President of the United States for the regulation of their conduct; and their commissions shall be revokable at his pleasure.