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v. re·volt·ed, re·volt·ing, re·volts
1. To attempt to overthrow the authority of the state; rebel.
2. To oppose or refuse to accept something: revolting against high taxes.
3. To feel disgust or repugnance: was revolted by the gory movie.
To fill with disgust or abhorrence; repel. See Synonyms at disgust.
1. An uprising, especially against state authority; a rebellion.
2. An act of protest or rejection.
3. The state of a person or persons in rebellion: students in revolt over administrative policies.

[French revolter, from Italian rivoltare, to turn round, from Vulgar Latin *revolvitāre, frequentative of Latin revolvere, to turn over; see revolve.]

re·volt′er n.
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References in classic literature ?
But no such thing has ever happened to the Cretans; the [1269b] reason for which probably is, that although they are engaged in frequent wars with the neighbouring cities, yet none of these would enter into an alliance with the revolters, as it would be disadvantageous for them, who themselves also have their villains.
Much has been blind and discreditable, but the nature of the revolution is not affected by the vices of the revolters; for this is a purely moral force.
Le KACM a profite de l'occasion de jouer a domicile pour se revolter contre le Youssoufia Berrechid sur le score de fleuve de (4-1).
[beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Se revolter, c'est rester vivant !
A more recent one is Pierre Beaudet, On a raison de se revolter: Chronique des annees 70 (Montreal: Editions ecosociete, 2008).
Corbyn is kind where Tory axeman Iain Duncan Smith is cruel but the Tory revolter was overwhelmed by disloyalty when he wore the Conservative crown.
Et son objectif principal vise a voir la population palestinienne se revolter contre la Hamas et exiger la fin des tirs de roquettes ne s'est pas realise.