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adj. Botany
Rolled backward from the tip or margins to the undersurface: a revolute leaf.

[Latin revolūtus, past participle of revolvere, to roll back; see revolve.]


(Botany) (esp of the margins of a leaf) rolled backwards and downwards
[C18: from Latin revolūtus rolled back; see revolve]


(ˈrɛv əˌlut)

rolled backward or downward, as the margins of certain leaves.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin revolūtus, past participle of revolvere; see revolve]
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australis, from which it differs by the small stature (5 m tall, exceptionally more), laciniate stipules, membranaceous leaf blade with 8-11 lateral veins per side and margin not revolute, 2-forked dichasia (each 1 x 1 cm) axillary to the distal most leaves, tetramerous and pentamerous flowers, dark red, erose, reddish sepal margins, latrorse anthers, and slightly veined samaras 18-20 x 5-7 mm, with two locules, one of which is sterile (versus large trees to 40 m tall, entire stipules, subchartaceous leaf blade with 4-6 lateral veins per side and margin revolute, 4 to 6-forked dichasia (each 3.
His exilic access to "a social model that some envy" (6) enables the configuration of his remembrance-analysis of a revolute ideological system, to which the contemporary postcommunist one is compared.
The structure of lifting platform indicates that each rotating DOF is achieved by one electrical push rod and four revolute j oints, which are fixed in the middle of rotating plane and at both ends of electrical push rod.
Since the transfer case and transmission are not modeled here, the differential case is directly connected to the engine body by a revolute joint on which the torque curve is applied.
6 mm; leaflets 3-7 pairs, chartaceous, adaxial surface strigose, the distal 10-50 x 4-23 mm, the proximal 10-40 x 4-12 mm, elliptic, lanceolate, oblong, ovate and oval-lanceolate, venation craspedodromous, nervures 9-11 pairs, apex acute, acute-mucronate, obtuse, obtuse-mucronate, acuminate and rarely emarginate, base oblique and subcordate, margin revolute, ciliated.
Fork is connected to the handle through a revolute joint, so that its angle with the handle may be changed.
Allen is represented by trees up to 14 m high, with alternate leaves, slightly revolute margins and brochidodromous to pseudobrochidodromous venation with terminal inflorescences in the upper branches.
Modeling and simulation of wear in revolute clearance joints in multi-body systems, Mechanism and Machine Theory 44(6): 1211-1222.
Revolute joints are represented by blocks 'Revolute joint', which permits rotation about its Z-axis.
There are 6 types of kinematic joints in common: prismatic joint, revolute joint, helical joint, cylindrical joint, spherical joint, and planar joint.