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adj. Botany
Rolled backward from the tip or margins to the undersurface: a revolute leaf.

[Latin revolūtus, past participle of revolvere, to roll back; see revolve.]
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(Botany) (esp of the margins of a leaf) rolled backwards and downwards
[C18: from Latin revolūtus rolled back; see revolve]
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(ˈrɛv əˌlut)

rolled backward or downward, as the margins of certain leaves.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin revolūtus, past participle of revolvere; see revolve]
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g Lychnophora triflora, a-b, f-g Flat blade, c-e Wavy blade, b The flat margin of the amphistomatic leaf, f-g Revolute margin, f The presence of crypts on the abaxial face, e Voluminous midrib, a, c, e-g Midrib contour: a Pattern 4; c, e Pattern 5; f Pattern 3; g Pattern 1.
In the table, lengths of the boom, arm and bucket are defined as the lengths of the lines between two revolute joints.
Dyad and crank rocker have the similar property involving two links connected by only revolute pairs in the plane.
Consider a planar kinematic linkage comprising 'n' number of links each forming a revolute pair as shown in Figure 2.
Different joint types have been introduced in the model: revolute joints, allowing the motion between the trailing arm, the main fitting, and the shock absorber (Figure 6(a)); revolute joints modelled between the folding side brace, the main fitting, and the support fixture (Figure 6(b)); and prismatic joints, allowing the sliding between the piston and the cylinder tube of the shock absorber.
The shoulder joint has 3 DOFs (S1: abduction/adduction; S2: flexion/extension; S3: rotation), and the elbow is simplified as a revolute joint with 1 DOF (E1: flexion/extension).
Similar to the lower-limb straight-walking assistive robots in [16, 17], in this paper, the lower-limb straight-walking assistive mechanism also only assists hip joint's and knee joint's flexion/extension motions, where the assistive mechanism includes a revolute joint and a prismatic joint as shown in Figure 1.
His exilic access to "a social model that some envy" (6) enables the configuration of his remembrance-analysis of a revolute ideological system, to which the contemporary postcommunist one is compared.