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tr.v. re·word·ed, re·word·ing, re·words
a. To change the wording of.
b. To state or express again in different words.
2. To state or express again in the same words; repeat.
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Noun1.rewording - changing a particular word or phrase
revising, rewriting - editing that involves writing something again
paraphrase, paraphrasis - rewording for the purpose of clarification
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The officials said no Polish representatives would be arriving for talks in Israel to discuss rewording the law, as the Foreign Ministry statement had led many to believe.
It simply asked for some rewording on the title 'The Last Jedi'.
The broadcast quoted a source close to Prime Minister Theresa May as saying the government was forced to do some rewording of the speech because the Conservatives were no longer in control of the majority of the House of Commons.
ISIE also called for rewording the text of the draft law so that it completes and amends the law No.
Tamarod issued another statement on their website, entitled, No to Aid, in which they demanded that the Egyptian regime hold a referendum banning US aid, cancelling the 1979 Camp David peace treaty with Israel and rewording security-related treaties to allow Egypt to secure its borders.
THE AMHERST DAGUERREOTYPE Sheens of a Suit Shiny from Funerals-- Suit pressed and repressed-- Proved and reproved-- Colors of Dolor-- Unsung--and sung-- Hersed and rehearsed-- Black Mail-- Funest Armor Warding, rewording Ardor-- A Jeanne d'Arc look-- Rustless--restless-- Full of Nought--but Null-- Ah Darkness--her Muse-- Your perfect--Pitch.
Nearly thirty years ago, Nancy Sommers revealed that student writers view revision as a rewording activity undertaken to satisfy a "teacher-reader who expects compliance with rules .
States already have these laws in place and should not be significantly affected by the rewording.
Request of offers from specialized consulting houses regarding the restructuring of the Agency's administrative structure & rewording of its regulations & statutes.
A rewording of the law, changed to 'five years education up to the age of 18', has been submitted to FIFA's executive committee which meets in Johannesburg today.
Levein is trying to initiate a rewording of the recent five-year school rule to allow Hearts winger Driver to play for Scotland.