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Past tense and past participle of rewind.
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She next rewound the action clock-work, and then Billina advised her to carry the key to Tiktok in her pocket, so it would not get lost again.
So Dorothy rewound his thought machinery, and while he was thinking she decided to eat her dinner.
When it was written, Ursula unwound the gray ball to a considerable depth, pinned the note on it, and rewound the yarn over it.
The ZCAT-3 Zero Tension Loop Rewinder is a new tabletop label rewinder that places no tension whatsoever on a printer while simultaneously yielding a consistent and tightly rewound roll.
Air entrained during rewinding is spread evenly across the web, preventing pockets from building up in the rewound material.
The ENR winds on a shaft and can handle the new, softer nonwoven products previously unable to be rewound on a purely coreless machine in widths of more than 18 inches.
The study's conclusion: Motors that are rewound according to best practices see almost no drop from their original efficiencies.
From narrow to wide web, large or small diameter rolls, fast or slow-line speeds, tag and label, flexible packaging, paper, paperboard, envelope, tissue, non-wovens or nearly any substrate that needs to be unwound and rewound, Retroflex offers a wide variety of coreshaft and shaftless unwinding and rewind solutions.