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Lacking an Rh factor.
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Adj.1.rh-negative - of persons (or their blood) lacking the Rh factor present in their red blood cells
rh-positive - of persons (or their blood) having the Rh factor present in their red blood cells
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Whereas it was noted that in Pakistani diabetic subjects, blood group AB and Rh-negative blood groups were more common14.
The couple, who initially struggled to conceive due to Paola's rare O-negative blood type that was also Rh-negative, revealed her baby bump on Wednesday.
People with Rh-negative blood are considered to be the most precious donors.
An August inspection at a Planned Parenthood in Allentown revealed the facility failed to administer Immune Globulin to an Rh-negative patient.
Factors influencing the immunization of Rh-negative mothers.
She was diagnosed with Rh-incompatibilities (mother: A Rh-negative,"A fetus": AB Rh-negative,"B fetus": A Rh-positive); in addition, she had type I diabetes mellitus.
rate monitoring for at least 30 minutes and anti-D immune globulin should be administered to those women who are Rh-negative if delivery is not anticipated in the next 72 hours.
Conclusion: Frequency of Rh-positive blood group" is B, A, O and AB, whereas the frequency of the most common Rh-negative blood group are A, O, B and AB respectively.
This factor also related to medications--for example, a failure to order antibiotics for Group A and Group B strep, a failure to order Rho(D) immune globulin for Rh-negative mothers, and a failure to provide magnesium sulfate for women with eclampsia.
For each new patient (I hate the word client) she must take the history, do the lab tests (haemoglobin, HIV, rhesus, a syphilis test, urine dipstick), take blood specimens for [CD4.sup.+] and creatinine if the patient is HIV-positive and for rhesus antibodies if she is Rh-negative, check blood pressure and weight, do a complete medical examination, including a Pap smear if the patient is booking early enough, provide the necessary health and post-test counselling, dispense the necessary medications, and in addition fill in no less than nine documents if the patient has HIV.