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Noun1.rhabdosarcoma - a highly malignant neoplasm derived from striated muscle
embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal rhabdosarcoma - form of rhabdomyosarcoma occurring mainly in infants and children
alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, alveolar rhabdosarcoma - form of rhabdomyosarcoma occurring mainly in adolescents and young adults
pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma, pleomorphic rhabdosarcoma - form of rhabdomyosarcoma that affects limb muscles of older adults
sarcoma - a usually malignant tumor arising from connective tissue (bone or muscle etc.); one of the four major types of cancer


, rhabdosarcoma
n. rabdomiosarcoma, tumor maligno de fibras musculares estriadas que afecta gen. los músculos esqueléticos.
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The main differential diagnoses for UESL in the pediatric population are MH, hepatoblastoma, and embryonal rhabdosarcoma of the biliary tree.
According to standard protocol (2), virus isolation was attempted in human rhabdosarcoma (RD) and in baby hamster kidney (BHK) cell lines.
A nasopharyngeal aspirate collected at the time of admission was inoculated onto different continuous cell lines including human lung adenocarcinoma (A-549); human rhabdosarcoma (RD); transformed human kidney (293); human colon adenocarcinoma (HT-29); human laryngeal carcinoma (Hep-2); human foreskin fibroblast; mink lung; and Vero, MDCK, and rhesus monkey kidney (LLC-MK2) cells.