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 (răp-sŏd′ĭk) also rhap·sod·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of, resembling, or characteristic of a rhapsody.
2. Immoderately impassioned or enthusiastic; ecstatic.

rhap·sod′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.rhapsodically - in an ecstatic manner; "he reacted ecstatically to my plan to travel to Africa"
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The landscape and wildlife, they said rhapsodically, are 'in their blood'.
Unlike Cass, who begins the play outside the fourth wall and later vanishes into her rhapsodically improvised memories, Judith's character is most realized in her musical party pieces and alcoholic episodes, when she is perhaps farthest from the "reality" of her social milieu.
English-speaking folks, including Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, who published a piece in The Views section of Gulf News last Tuesday, have written rhapsodically of the Bard's "universal" appeal; how he enchants people in countries all over the world; and his talent for dramatising the timeless truths of the human condition.
1600) and Robert Armin's Quips Upon Questions (1600), was a staple of the clown's postludic repertory, in which he took the stage solus to versify on prompts called out at random by individual playgoers, either rhapsodically or in dialogic, rapid-fire skirmishes.
In addition to seeing each dish prepared in the show's crucible, we see it beautifully plated and watch the judges eat and wax rhapsodically (or not) about its merits.
David Lehman remarks in the Introduction to The Best American Erotic Poems that "it is not a surprise that poets would write openly and rhapsodically about their sexual lives and dreams.
So when baby boomers and Gen X'ers start waxing rhapsodically about their old-time favorites, wanting them to come back, it's the equivalent of wishing that musicvideos would come back to MTV.
There are many writers who can wax rhapsodically about childhoods fed on the unmatchable ethnic cuisine of their ancestors: "I can still see my grandmother, the senior borscht cook, with an enormous, steaming pot in her hands, wobbling from the kitchen out to the yard, sweat drops sliding off her forehead and into the borscht for that special final touch" Some fewer also pass through a period of adolescent cynicism that includes organizing artsy, confrontational scenes ("Even better, we could do the whole opening in complete darkness, except for a few stray dogs with flashlights attached to their heads"), eventually reaching a state of amused maturity ("Only later would I understand that we were our own stray dogs .
Jacobs waxed rhapsodically about the benefits of mixed-use neighborhoods because varied uses attracted "eyes on the street" to deter crime, (71) So, for example, she argued that bars should reduce residential crime because they bring people to the neighborhood, (72) Similarly, one study found that small businesses serve as both "watchers" of their surroundings and as central nodes of communication about crime, (73)
New York Times chief drama critic devoted a rhapsodically appreciative Dec.
Last week, I waxed (too) rhapsodically about the news that rocker Lenny Kravitz was going to perform in Israel this fall.
THIS NECESSARILY ABBREVIATED SUMMARY cannot do justice to the breadth and sophistication of Greve's rhapsodically developed treatment, but it gives a flavor of the intellectual riches to be found in his new book.