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A watery or thin mucous discharge from the eyes or nose.

[Middle English reume, from Old French, from Late Latin rheuma, from Greek, a flowing, rheum; see sreu- in Indo-European roots.]

rheum′y adj.


1. (Physiology) of the nature of rheum
2. literary damp and unhealthy: the rheumy air.


(ˈru mi)

adj. rheum•i•er, rheum•i•est.
pertaining to, causing, full of, or affected with rheum.
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Adj.1.rheumy - moist, damp, wet (especially of air); "the raw and theumy damp of night air"
wet - covered or soaked with a liquid such as water; "a wet bathing suit"; "wet sidewalks"; "wet weather"
2.rheumy - of or pertaining to arthritisrheumy - of or pertaining to arthritis; "my creaky old joints"; "rheumy with age and grief"
unhealthy - not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind; "unhealthy ulcers"


[ˈruːmɪ] ADJ [eyes] → legañoso, pitañoso


adj eyeswässrig
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When a mark appears on the security screen ringing the bell, Volpone whips off his satin lounger jacket and leaps into bed in a scrag wig and rheumy eye drops.
Port Talbot's Robert Blythe, who plays the filthy cardie-wearing, agoraphobic ex-con Fagin, was especially good here, all red rheumy eyes and torn as he clawed at the door latch and wrestled with his demons.
Bison, once strong and wild, are replaced with the rheumy eyes of caged hens, brought to us by the trains and highways that did their part to destroy first the buffalo and then the people.
Heed fey symbols or signs which sense brute pain, warn or bode dire straits, barren woe, cruel fate: Ringing bells pealed, tolled grisly night, chilly rain, rheumy mist, eerie pall.
But in a year or so he would become someone else, the shaggy barefoot guru with the rheumy eyes padding between Newman Hall in Waterloo Quadrant and the urban proto-commune in Boyle Crescent, Grafton.
20 Warwickshire phrases 20 Warwickshire phrases Apricock - Apricot Bloodboltered - Covered in blood Caggie-handed - Left-handed De Di - Ice Cream Englut - Eat greedily Fadge - To suit Fap - Drunk Firk - Reprimand / scold Honey-stalks - Clover Intpinse - Mess, confusion, tangle Ronvon - Derisive word for a woman Knap - To hit Mammock - To break or tear Ninny - A fool or nincompoop Puttock - A kite Ronvon - Derisive word for a woman Rheumy - Moist Swinge-buckler - A bully Unpregnant - Inane Wall-eyed - Shocked Zany - Crazy buffoonery
I remember one lady looking at me with vast, rheumy eyes, and she said, 'When we were young we thought we were human beings; now we're not even like animals.
To think this all but wasted soul with rheumy eyes had participated in the country's first indigenous Everest climb in 1965, and been awarded the Tiger Badge for it
He never came back," Sarkiss said, tears welling in his rheumy eyes.
Jean-Marc is quieter, with rheumy blue eyes and a dry style punctuated by short, expressive gestures: his favourite is to shake his fist quickly -- think of a man shaking a ketchup bottle, with the bottle turned towards him -- when he says something was "a shock", or perhaps "very strong" (from the French tres fort).
Welfare dependent drones, still rubbing sleep from rheumy eyes, street-cleaning at dawn or queueing daily to register themselves as job-seeking.
I wanted it to be the last, and it worked out, just happened, that way regardless of my wishes, no matter; and now, nursing an unpleasant head cold I console myself--my mind being useless for anything else, though even in its rheumy state hovering around essential things--by recalling the autumns of Berlin.