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A usually colorless artificial gem of crystal, glass, or another material, often with a flat metallic backing to create sparkling facets on the front.

[After the Rhine (translation of French caillou du Rhin, piece of rock crystal gathered from the Rhine (such as used to imitate diamonds) : caillou, pebble + du, of the + Rhin, Rhine).]

rhine′stoned′ adj.


(Jewellery) an imitation gem made of paste
[C19: translation of French caillou du Rhin, referring to Strasbourg, where such gems were made]



an artificial gemstone cut from rock crystal or various kinds of brilliant glass or paste, esp. in imitation of a diamond.
[1885–90; translation of French caillou du Rhin]
rhine′stoned`, adj.
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Noun1.rhinestone - an imitation diamond made from rock crystal or glass or paste
rock crystal, transparent quartz - a clear quartz used in making electronic and optical equipment


[ˈraɪnˌstəʊn] Ndiamante m de imitación


nfaux diamant m
modif [ring, earring, pin] → en faux diamants


[ˈraɪnˌstəʊn] nstrass m inv
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A woman of a certain age, she wore a sparkly black sleeveless dress, two boas, a long rope of pearls, dangly rhinestone earrings, a rhinestone choker, a jeweled hair clip, armfuls of bracelets, and a loosely pin-curled short wig in an ashy tone not found in nature, much like the one my own bubbe used to wear.
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Silpadaa[euro](tm)s founders, through their newly set up firm Rhinestone Holdings Inc, had made the highest offer for the jewelry business during a strategic review conducted by Avon, the vendor said.
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Rhinestone Mondays at Newcastle Theatre Royal until Saturday MERCY sakes alive good brother, looks like we got us a cornball.
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