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n. pl. rhinoceros or rhi·noc·er·os·es
Any of several large thick-skinned ungulate mammals of the family Rhinocerotidae, having one or two upright horns on the snout, and including the black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) of Africa, the Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) of India and Nepal, and the Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus) and Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) of Southeast Asia.

[Middle English rinoceros, from Latin rhīnocerōs, from Greek rhīnokerōs : rhīno-, rhino- + keras, horn; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]
rhinoceros, rhinoceroses - Rhinoceros comes from Greek rhin-, "nose," and keras, "horn"; the correct plural is rhinoceroses.
See also related terms for horn.
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And the sea is precisely their best vehicle, the only medium through which these giants (against which terrestrial animals, such as elephants or rhinoceroses, are as nothing) can be produced or developed.
Also, from the river, came a great grunting of rhinoceroses.
in one day's march with the bullock-waggons, he saw, without wandering to any great distance on either side, between one hundred and one hundred and fifty rhinoceroses, which belonged to three species: the same day he saw several herds of giraffes, amounting together to nearly a hundred; and that although no elephant was observed, yet they are found in this district.
is concerned, the ancient rhinoceroses might have roamed over the
Excavation at the edge of the reef also uncovered shellfish leftovers, as well as bones of land animals such as elephants, rhinoceroses, and hippopotamuses.
The animals that Rosenaur wants permission to bring onto the ranch include wildcats, lions, tigers, cheetahs, rhinoceroses, elephants, zebras, deer, leopards, lynxes, monkeys, gazelles, moose, elks and kudus, African antelope.
During the Eocene epoch, early relatives of rhinoceroses reached four and a half times the weight of an adult elephant, placing them among the largest land mammals ever.
Four species of tapirs - which are related to horses, zebras and rhinoceroses - exist in the wild.
These included gazellelike creatures and extinct forms of horses, rhinoceroses, and hyenas.
What do rhinoceroses sound like when they tap dance?
Creatures represented by these bones include wild dogs, bears, saber-toothed cats, rhinoceroses, horses, and mammoths.
Although her initial impression that the elephant was in danger of extinction turned out to be wrong, she is concerned that rhinoceroses are routinely killed for their horns.