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The anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the nose.

rhi·nol′o·gist n.
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Yanagisawa converted to a true rhinologist with the introduction of powered endoscopic sinus surgery.
"If you blow your nose too forcefully, this could push a lot of air up the ear," explains Professor Carl Philpott, rhinologist and honorary secretary of ENT UK.
On April 23, rhinologist Christie Barnes and neurosurgeon Dan Surdell at the University of Nebraska Medical Center performed a CSF leak repair, according to the spokesman for Nebraska Medicine.
Carla Schneider, PA, discovered Kendra had a CSF leak - cerebrospinal fluid from her brain was leaking out of her nose! So rhinologist Dr.
Appropriate cooperation between a rhinologist and pathologist enables a correct diagnosis of these rare and unusual lesions.
The surgery was continued by external approach performed by a neurosurgeon and rhinologist. We performed a craniotomy using the bicoronal approach.
The initial views of Tomes were later supported by many leading orthodontists, in the 1930s, including Todd et al.3 and Balyeat and Bowen.4 Angle5 included airway obstruction as an important aetiologic agent in malocclusion and Ketcham6 indicated that patients were not receiving the full benefits of medical and dental therapy unless they were fully evaluated by both a rhinologist and an orthodontist.
Using the usual lacrimal intubation tube, the metallic probe is passed to the nasal cavity where the rhinologist pass it out of the nose, the other tube is also passed out of the nose where both are tied together.
Employees with sharp noses are given the role of rhinologist, doing routine sniffing checks to ensure the correct pungency of the product.
Chemist Jan Mousley, lead rhinologist for United Utilities, the firm which manages Northern Gas Networks' system, said "The natural gas we use in our homes doesn't smell when it comes ashore at the terminals.
Dr Glenis Scadding, consultant rhinologist at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital in London believes it is inappropriate for exams to be held at this time of year.