rhizomatous begonia

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Noun1.rhizomatous begonia - any of numerous begonias having prominent shaggy creeping stems or rhizomes
begonia - any of numerous plants of the genus Begonia grown for their attractive glossy asymmetrical leaves and colorful flowers in usually terminal cymes or racemes
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"Palomar Prince"- Adaptable to the home environment, this rhizomatous begonia strikes a royal presence with its fullness.
You can use very small planters, grouping miniature sedums, inch plants, baby tears, tiny peperomias, selaginella, small-leaf ivy and miniature rhizomatous begonias, just to mention a few, in intriguing combinations.
Successes include rhizomatous begonias, single-flowered impatiens, and, surprisingly, Camellia sasanqua 'Tanya'.