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Any of several synthetic red to pink dyes having brilliant fluorescent qualities.
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(ˈrəʊdəˌmiːn; -mɪn)
(Dyeing) any one of a group of synthetic red or pink basic dyestuffs used for wool and silk. They are made from phthalic anhydride and aminophenols
[C20: from rhodo- + amine]
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(ˈroʊ dəˌmin, -mɪn)

any of several synthetic red dyes.
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"Potential hazards may come from ingredients that are not allowed to be part of a cosmetic product such as Rhodamine B or from contamination of heavy metals such as Lead (Pb) especially in lip cosmetic products," it added.
Scientists used a non-toxic dye derived from rhodamine to stain inexpensive soft commercial contact lenses.
It is well known for the favourable spectroscopic properties of rhodamine derivatives that include large absorption coefficient, high fluorescence quantum yield, long absorption and emission wavelength [19].
In this work, [Ag.sub.2]Mo[O.sub.4]/ZnO heterostructures were performed for using in photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B (RhB).
Sodium phosphate dibasic is an inorganic compound with alkaline pH and hygroscopic in nature.12 Numerous dye leakage studies have been performed on MTA when used as a root-end filling material using different types of dyes such as methylene blue, fuchsin, rhodamine B, silver nitrate, India ink, and Pelikan ink.13,14 In this study rhodamine B dye was used for dye penetration.
Rhodamine B, a tracer dye, was used as a model core material to evaluate the release properties.
"After the inspections of the factories, it was discovered that 25 percent of the turnip samples [contained Rhodamine B] and another 28 percent [contained] other banned color substances," caretaker Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani said.
The scientists investigated this innovative MOF-based photocatalytic system towards the degradation of the toxic dye rhodamine B, commonly used to simulate organic pollutants.
Rizk, M.D., from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues developed a new biomarker, VFI, consisting of a 150-kD rhodamine derivative and 5-kD fluorescein carboxymethylated dextrans.
Standard Cyclops sensors are available for detecting: in vivo Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, Refined Fuels, CDOM/FDOM (dissolved organic material), Blue/Green Algae, Fluorescein Dye, Rhodamine Dye, PTSA Dye, Optical Brighteners, Tryptophan, and Turbidity.
The photocatalytic activities of the pure [Bi.sub.2]W[O.sub.6] and Ag/[Bi.sub.2]W[O.sub.6] were investigated by the photocatalytic oxidation of the cationic dye rhodamine B (RhB).