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Noun1.Rhodophyta - lower plants; mostly marine and littoral eukaryotic algae
kingdom Protoctista, Protoctista - in most modern classifications, replacement for the Protista; includes: Protozoa; Euglenophyta; Chlorophyta; Cryptophyta; Heterokontophyta; Rhodophyta; unicellular protists and their descendant multicellular organisms: regarded as distinct from plants and animals
class Rhodophyceae, Rhodophyceae - coextensive with the Rhodophyta: red algae
red algae - marine algae in which the chlorophyll is masked by a red or purplish pigment; source of agar and carrageenan
division - (biology) a group of organisms forming a subdivision of a larger category
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(7) Unlike other algae within the Rhodophytes, they form a solid carbonate structure.
Described in an open-access paper titled- "Three-dimensional preservation of cellular and subcellular structures suggests 1.6 billion-year-old crown-group red algae" - in the journal PLOS Biology, the fossils are "probable crown-group rhodophytes (red algae)." One of the two different kinds of algae is thread-like while the other has fleshy colonies.
corniculata) and 2 rhodophytes (Laurencia papillosa and Polysiphonia opaca).
Even the possible crown-group multicellular rhodophytes in 1.6 Ga Lower Vindhyan Supergroup in central India were reported, antedating the oldest previously accepted red alga in the fossil record by about 400 million years [14].
The color groups are brown algae (phaeophytes), green algae (chlorophytes), and red algae (rhodophytes) [48].
While living, many tropical LBFs form symbioses with a range of marine algae including dinoflagellates, diatoms, red algae (rhodophytes), green algae (chlorophytes), and cyanobacteria (Lee, 2006).
In addition, the live cover of eight epibenthic biotic characteristics (erect macroalgae, turf algae, calcareous rhodophytes in the genus Porolithon, seagrasses, sponges, hydrocorals in the genus Millepora, encrusting non-scleractinian anthozoans, and scleractinians were ranked as follows: 1(0%), 2(1-5%), 3(6-10%), 4(11-25%), 5(26-50%), 6(51-75) and 7(76-100%).
are rhodophytes that represent an annual value of over US$1.3 billion (Blouin et al., 2011).